Andersen Windows: Adding over 400 customers in one year with CBUSA

Learn how this national supplier of windows and doors was able to harness the power of relationships and grow their customer base through CBUSA’s group purchasing organization.

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Who is Andersen Windows?

Eric Belcher was introduced to Andersen Windows and their Nashville team just out of college, while working at The Home Depot – and even then, he was impressed with their products and value.

“That’s where I got the Andersen bug, so to speak,” said Eric, national business development manager at Andersen. “The seed was planted for me.”

He recognized the positive culture early on and would eventually find an opportunity to work at Andersen in the fall of 2015.

“Andersen cares about their people,” Eric said. “If you have happy people, you’re going to have happy customers.”

When engaging with Andersen representatives, he could tell by the way they talked about their peers, the company and the brand that they were proud to be there. Even when things didn’t go as planned – they step up, they own it and they fix it.

“When you see an organization living out that culture, and the company’s been around for 120 years, there’s something to that,” Eric said. “It goes back to our founding leadership and mission, for sure, but the culture is also carried in large part by the people.”

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Seeing the benefits: How networking opportunities forged unexpected relationships

Andersen signed on to be a national brand partner of CBUSA in October 2022 after seeing the benefits of working with a group purchasing organization. CBUSA’s members are the perfect fit for Andersen because they’re vetted and have many of the qualities Andersen looks for when selling their products.

“We’re gaining exposure to customers we’ve never met, customers who are likeminded,” Eric said. “We already knew a large part of the CBUSA network, but there were a lot that we didn’t even have in our databases.”

The most committed CBUSA members work together to build strong relationships both inside and outside of their local chapter. They prioritize relationships with vendors to ensure the betterment of their businesses, their builder group and the entire CBUSA network. Andersen recognizes this dedication and is happy to work with builders who are as invested in excellence as they are.

“The members in this group are likeminded, they’re strong and they’re in this program not just to get a rebate check,” Eric said. “I truly believe they’re there to get better.”

Before signing on as a supplier with CBUSA, Andersen had done a few individual rebates here and there. This was the first time they signed on to work with a group purchasing organization and provide rebates to builders at this scale. But with the help of the CBUSA team, the process has been relatively smooth.

“Support is always available how and when I need it,” Eric said. “For new vendors who sign on, my advice is to meet with the regional managers frequently to focus on the needs and nuances of each market.”

They’ve taken the opportunity to participate in events and learn more about how the organization works. Now, they’ve got a lot more insight on how to communicate best practices and write a playbook for their local market teams going forward.

Finding success: How Andersen added over 400 customers in one year with CBUSA

With new chapters opening soon, Eric sets up calls with Andersen’s local market teams to share more about CBUSA and what to expect. Establishing these new methods and getting a better understanding of each market in the first year of partnership with CBUSA has already led to increased business for the Andersen team.

“For us, it’s been a very successful year,” Eric said. “We’ve seen many builders convert to Andersen and others purchase more from us year over year than we anticipated, so we’re really excited about that.”

In the first year, Andersen has already seen 400 enrollments in their program, which is more than half the total of current CBUSA members. This is a significant number for a supplier only a year into their partnership.

“Some part of this formula has really taken off like wildfire,” Eric said. “I think it says a lot about our brand and about this organization and the quality of builders it attracts.”

CBUSA works with the best builders in the construction industry who want to incorporate a higher level of materials and products into their home builds. They’re willing to go the extra mile to provide superior quality for their clients.

“We believe there’s a value we provide beyond price when it comes to our products, but we want to make sure that translates to our builders,” Eric said. “Working with CBUSA customers like Homes by Dickerson, they understand the value.”

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Andersen Windows

“For us, it’s been a very successful year with CBUSA. This partnership has enhanced our ability to connect, listen, grow and find new customers we didn’t know existed before.”

– Eric Belcher, National business development manager at Andersen Windows
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Andersen Windows

Making connections: How lasting relationships lead to growth

Builders in the CBUSA network welcome new national brand partners and are ready to engage. They’re eager to work with vendors and provide feedback to improve processes for everyone.

“We’re here to learn, too,” Eric said. “If we’re not listening, we’re not learning. And if we’re not paying attention to the details, we’re not going to become better as an organization and provide the level of service our customers need and expect.”

The Andersen team recognizes the opportunities to learn and grow their organization by listening to builders and understanding what they want. Their values align with CBUSA’s, which has allowed the partnership to thrive.

“CBUSA will only enhance our ability to connect, listen, grow and find new customers we didn’t know existed,” Eric said. “The benefits we’ve reaped have not only been sales related, but we’ve made long-lasting relationships with our customers.”

Andersen Windows is seeing success as a preferred local vendor with CBUSA. You can, too.

Apply to partner with CBUSA today and work with the best builders in the construction industry. You’ll establish relationships, grow your customer base and increase sales.