How to power through pushback when changing construction material suppliers

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In the ever-evolving construction industry, staying competitive and efficient is key to success. One crucial aspect of this is your choice of suppliers. Switching to a preferred brand or supplier can seem like a daunting task – many builders often face apprehension when considering such a move. However, with CBUSA’s group purchasing organization on your side, you can confidently make the transition, reap the benefits of partnering with preferred suppliers and power through any market pushback.

See how Homes By Dickerson, a leading builder in Raleigh, North Carolina, has benefited from leaving its former window vendor to work with Andersen Windows through CBUSA.

Keep reading to learn how CBUSA can help you navigate switching suppliers and why using our preferred local vendors and national suppliers is so beneficial.

Why are builders so apprehensive about switching suppliers?

Before we talk about the benefits of transitioning from one supplier to another, let’s take a minute to understand why it can be a difficult decision. Here are some common apprehensions that may be preventing you from making a change.

1. Quality concerns

Switching suppliers can raise concerns about the quality of materials or products. As a leading home builder, you want assurance that the new supplier can meet or exceed your standards.

2. Relationships

You may have established relationships with existing suppliers, making it difficult to sever ties. There’s a fear that you’ll lose reliability, trust and possibly preferential pricing.

3. Disruption to workflow

A supplier switch may disrupt ongoing projects, causing delays and potentially affecting client satisfaction.

4. Cost implications

You worry that switching suppliers may result in higher costs, eroding your profit margins.

How can CBUSA help builders overcome apprehension?

At CBUSA, we have a team dedicated to addressing any concerns you have about switching vendors to ensure a seamless transition. We work with you to establish and maintain relationships with our preferred vendors, so the process is easy and stress-free. You can feel confident making the switch knowing we prioritize:

1. Quality assurance

CBUSA rigorously vets and approves suppliers, ensuring they meet high-quality standards. Builders can trust that products from CBUSA suppliers are reliable and meet industry benchmarks.

2. Relationship building

CBUSA cultivates strong relationships with suppliers, which are passed on to builders. The preexisting relationships can help alleviate concerns about losing the trust and reliability of current suppliers.

3. No workflow disruptions

CBUSA suppliers understand the importance of project timelines. They work closely with builders and will prioritize CBUSA members to minimize disruption during the transition, keeping projects on track.

4. Cost savings

One of the most significant advantages of working with CBUSA vendors is the cost savings potential. Through CBUSA’s collective purchasing power, builders gain access to bulk purchasing discounts and rebates, helping offset any unlikely transition costs.

How can CBUSA help make switching suppliers easier?

As a CBUSA builder, you can enroll with our established national brand partners and preferred local vendors to offer popular products your clients know and love – with the added value of cost savings.

In most cases, converting from your current supplier or vendor to a CBUSA partner will lead to significant savings. For example, builders have found that if they move their lighting business to our Ferguson Lighting program, they’ll see savings ranging from 15% for a production builder to over 45% for a custom builder.

We understand that transitioning from your current supplier can seem overwhelming. That’s why we now have a team of conversion specialists who will take on the task of comparing brands and provide a detailed analysis of savings.

Are you ready to make the transition to CBUSA suppliers?

We want to make your transition process seamless. If you’d like to have our team assist you, reach out to your region manager to get started.

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Not yet a member of CBUSA?

The collective purchasing power of CBUSA’s network enhances your competitiveness in the market. By joining forces with other like-minded builders, you can leverage better pricing and access exclusive deals, which gives you a strategic advantage.

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