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Our Story

How It Started

CBUSA was created by a group of Northern Virginia custom and independent builders in 2004 who believed they deserved the same buying power as large-scale residential construction competitors. They knew if they worked together, they could begin to buy like the big builders and stop leaving money on the table.  

Since then, CBUSA has grown to over 500+ premier homebuilders in cities across the country. This elite builder network allows us to negotiate the best prices for our members that is supported by top vendors, distributors and manufacturers on both the local and national levels. 

In 2021, Buildertrend purchased CBUSA providing an even greater support network to its members allowing us to create more programs both locally and nationally, increase earned rebates and negotiate better pricing, as the nations largest homebuilder group purchasing organization.  

How It Works

The CBUSA Builder Member Network has the combined purchasing volume and buying power of a large national builder. This market strength allows CBUSA Builder Members to gain purchasing advantage over their competitors and to deliver increased purchasing volume to the companies that support their efforts. 

When you allow us to guide you through refined cooperative planning and buying practices, you’ll take advantage of great price savings and be a part of a supportive community of like-minded builders. The result? You thrive as an elite and profitable builder. 

Become a member of CBUSA today so you can avoid missed opportunities, and instead access competitive pricing, save time negotiating and grow your bottom line.

Our chapters

CBUSA develops and maintains powerful, local networks of professional Builders, Preferred Local Vendors and Brand Partners. Join an established chapter or partner with CBUSA to help create a new local chapter.

Our builders

Annually CBUSA’s Builder Members create a powerful network of homebuilding businesses across the country that would land in The Builder 100 Top 10 List based on home starts and revenue.

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CBUSA is Ranked #7 on The Builder 100 List
  • Boone Homes
    “We’re really grateful for the partnership with CBUSA. They’ve really made it easy for us, and that’s really important to our relationship. I really do appreciate that.”
    Mitchell Bode
    president of Boone Homes, Richmond, Virginia
  • Revolution
    “It’s priceless in some respects because of the people in the group. It’s not just the dollar amount you get from rebates – it’s the knowledge you gain.”
    Ryan Johnson
    president, Revolution Homes, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Aubuchon Homes
    “All too often in a marketplace, we see each other as competition, when in reality it’s a very small world. While we all may want to compete for a buyer, in the end, we’re all just trying to build the best quality product we can. So, the ability to share ideas in a safe environment and help each other has been huge for all of us.”
    Justin Einstein
    director of operations, Aubuchon Homes, Cape Coral, Florida
  • CBUSA logo
    The most appealing thing is the accessibility to people on the manufacturing side that you won’t get anywhere else. I had dinner with the vice president of sales at Lennox. You just don’t have access like that as a small local builder without a CBUSA membership.
    Alan Degen
    New Leaf Builders, Charleston, South Carolina
  • CBUSA logo
    How I purchase with CBUSA is a game changer for my business. With the CBUSA website, I’m able to get access to CBUSA pricing immediately versus having to get actual quotes for multiple different vendors.
    Tim Jackson
    Tim Jackson Custom Homes, Dallas, Texas
  • CBUSA logo
    We joined CBUSA in 2019. It has probably been to date one of the best things we’ve done for our company. We benefited not only from cost savings and purchasing but from camaraderie and mentoring relationships with other established builders.
    Randy Reitz
    Urban Nest Homes, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • CBUSA logo
    The founders of CBUSA really thought things out. They put the effort into staffing the company with good people. The support has been the key to success for this group. It’s what attracted me to the organization when I joined.
    Luis Jauregui
    Jauregui Architecture, Austin, Texas
  • The biggest value to me in the group is the knowledge base, camaraderie and willingness to share information with the best builders in our market.
    Luis Jauregui
    Jauregui Inc. – Austin, TX
  • By using the CBUSA program, we now have what we consider two very good HVAC trades who are responsive, have good service organizations, have competitive prices and can handle production, commercial and custom jobs. This is a primary reason we are members of CBUSA.
    Louis Genuario
    The Genuario Companies – Alexandria, VA
  • If somebody is trying to go it alone, if it's a hobby, then yeah, go for it, knock yourself out. But now, if you're trying to be successful and grow your business in any way, CBUSA had huge impacts on my business.
    Bryan Phillips
    Cason Graye Homes - Houston, Texas
  • I am a firm believer that a rising tide will raise all boats. For me to benefit, it doesn't mean that somebody else has to sacrifice or that I have to sacrifice so that somebody else can benefit.
    Jay Evans
    Two Structures Homes - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Anybody that's looking at getting into our group, we'd love to have them, but we're going to vet them out. Once you get the group in, there's a shared camaraderie and people take ownership. We're not going to let just anybody into the group. They've got to be a quality builder in town and pay their bills, so you end up with the best of the group in your market.
    David Owen
    Boone Homes in Richmond, Virginia
  • There's so many aspects of a building company. Sometimes I feel like building a house is only 10% of it. It's the other 90% that you really need to focus on and being able to bounce ideas off of other builders is very helpful. In our group, we're very collaborative and trusting of each other. We've all been through ups and downs.  We understand that we're in a good market and that there's enough to go around.
    Ryan Johnson
    Revolution Homes in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • CBUSA's Committed Purchase Program delivers significant savings in every home that I build while maintaining a high level of service from our preferred suppliers. As one of the larger builders, I am seeing results that would be difficult to achieve on my own.
    Chip Bishop
    Robuck Homes – Raleigh, NC
  • CBUSA has helped me to better operate my business by saving money through Brand Partner National Contracts and Committed Purchase Programs. It also helps by controlling cost and improving service from our trade partners and suppliers, simply by the power of numbers with regard to our fellow members and the purchasing volume it provides. I highly recommend the program to any professional home builder.
    Craig Johnson
    Herrington Classic Homes
  • CBUSA's lumber purchase program has been a great success here in Cleveland. It is the equivalent of selling another home to the bottom line for our company and it was accomplished in a few hours of work.
    Dean Tompkins
    Payne and Payne Builders, Inc.

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