CBUSA preferred local vendors

Partner with vendors in your market. You can work face-to-face with them – think of them as part of your local builder community.

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Joining CBUSA is a win-win for builders and local vendors

Builder members

Strengthen relationships
with vendors in your area

Enjoy lower prices on
materials and earn rebates

Avoid price increases and
plan projects with confidence
through committed buys

Preferred local vendors

Bid our builders’ projects
before other suppliers

Become a preferred
dealer of specific brands

Work with the best builders in
your community – the type
who never miss a payment

Here’s how you benefit from using our suppliers

Alongside our preferred local vendors, you’ll work with other top builders in your area to support one another and grow together. You’ll maximize profits with the lowest prices on materials – and they’ll get consistent business from the very best builders.

Helping builders coast to coast

CBUSA establishes and maintains impressive local networks of professional builders, preferred local vendors and brand partners – like no other company does. We currently have chapters located in these areas, but we’re always continuing to expand.

CBUSA Member Chapters

Don’t just take our word for it – see what our current builders and vendors have to say.

Frequently asked questions

Preferred local vendors within CBUSA are companies that provide materials at reduced cost with rebates to our builder members. These vendors play a crucial role in our network and industry by offering a wide range of products and materials needed for building projects. Vendors can specialize in various areas and provide specific types of materials or equipment, such as lumber, concrete, steel, plumbing fixtures, electrical components, roofing materials, HVAC systems and more.

We have local vendors in every market that has an existing chapter or group of builder members. When a new chapter is created, we work with that group of builders to establish preferred local vendor partnerships in their area.

No, you don’t have to use our preferred local vendors. However, using vendors outside of our network won’t allow you to receive perks like lower material pricing and rebates.

Are you a vendor looking to join CBUSA?

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