How being a member of CBUSA can help you win more jobs

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In the fiercely competitive construction industry, finding ways to stand out and win more jobs is crucial for business success. One effective strategy is to join CBUSA’s group purchasing organization. By becoming a member of CBUSA, you can unlock numerous benefits that can help you sell more jobs, increase profitability and strengthen your overall position in the market.

Here are four key advantages of being a builder member of CBUSA that will help you win over more potential clients and sell more jobs.

1. Providing lower costs for homeowners

One of the most significant advantages of joining a CBUSA chapter is the ability to access exclusive discounts and cost-saving opportunities. As a GPO, CBUSA is able to leverage the collective buying power of its members to negotiate better prices with suppliers, manufacturers and service providers.

As a result, builders like you can secure substantial savings on materials, equipment, tools and services. Lower costs not only increase profit margins but also enable you to submit more competitive bids – meaning a lower overall cost for homeowners. This will ultimately enhance your chances of winning more projects and selling more jobs.

2. Ensuring material and product availability

In the construction industry, timely access to high-quality materials and equipment is crucial for project success. However, sourcing and procuring these items can often be challenging, especially for smaller construction companies. As a member of CBUSA, you gain access to an extensive network of trusted suppliers and vendors. This ensures a steady and reliable supply chain, reducing the risk of delays and allowing construction professionals to deliver projects on time and within budget.

The enhanced product availability provided by CBUSA gives your construction company a competitive edge, enabling you to confidently pursue and secure more job opportunities.

3. Assuring clients that they’re working with a reputable home builder

Assuring homeowners that they’re working with a reputable home builder is essential for establishing trust and instilling confidence in the construction process. Becoming a member of CBUSA can play a significant role in assuring homeowners that they’re working with the best in the business.

The vetting process, industry recognition, access to quality resources and focus on customer satisfaction provided by CBUSA all instill confidence in potential clients. By choosing a builder member in our network, homeowners can rest assured that they’re partnering with a credible construction professional who is dedicated to delivering their dream home with integrity and excellence.

4. Promising a more dependable timeline than other builders

Meeting project deadlines is a critical aspect of maintaining client satisfaction and building a solid reputation in the construction industry. Builders who join CBUSA are known for their reliability and ability to deliver projects on time.

With benefits like guaranteed material availability and ensured accountability, CBUSA members minimize the risk of delays and confidently guarantee timelines to their clients. The assurance of a guaranteed timeline not only enhances a construction company’s competitive position but also instills confidence in potential clients, leading to more job opportunities and increased sales.

By leveraging the collective purchasing power of our network, you can secure lower costs on materials and services, ensuring more competitive pricing. Enhanced product availability and access to trusted suppliers allow for streamlined operations and timely project delivery. Collaborating with other top builders through CBUSA can elevate your company’s standing in the industry and attract more job opportunities.

Joining CBUSA is a wise strategic move for professional home builders looking to increase sales, profitability and market presence.

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