How to start a new chapter with CBUSA’s group purchasing organization

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Are you ready to work with other top builders in your area to save on material costs and grow your business? We’re expanding our network across new regions of the U.S. and looking for the industry’s best to help us grow.

CBUSA’s extensive nationwide network of skilled builders works together to achieve the buying power of a national builder and reduce material costs. You’ll also have the opportunity to share best practices with fellow builders and work with top brands your clients love. All while adding to your bottom line with rebates.

Sounds great, right? So, where do you begin? Here’s everything you need to know about starting a new CBUSA chapter in your area.

What are the initial steps in starting a new CBUSA chapter?

There are three main steps to the process of setting up a new local market.

1. Join forces

We work with you to bring together a group of top-performing builders in your local market.

2. Find key players

We then get your input to identify the most suitable local suppliers as vendor partners and establish national contracts through local distribution channels.

3. Put it into action

Lastly, we implement local pricing and rebates that are beneficial for your builder group.

What is my involvement with building the new chapter?

While we handle the majority of the heavy lifting, it often works best when builder members actively participate in finding builders and vendor partners for their market. You know your market better than we do, so your involvement proves invaluable to our collective success.

What is the timeframe for starting a new chapter?

It takes approximately three months to successfully establish and initiate a fully operational chapter. This process determines a dedicated and driven group of visionary builders who recognize the value of collaborating with other industry leaders to get the best purchasing value.

How many builders do we need for a chapter?

We typically start a market with at least 15 builders. We accept a wide range of builders producing anywhere from five to 200 home starts per year. You can then continue to add builders and expand your chapter from there.

Is there a certain number of vendors we need to start a chapter?

No. There’s no set number of vendors you need to start. Our team works with you to bring on the best local vendors in your market – some you may already be working with. We usually add vendors for each key phase of construction to ensure the most value for your builder group. From there, you’ll continue to add more local vendors as your chapter matures.

What can I expect once a chapter is created in my area?

After initiating a new chapter, you can anticipate seeing the advantages of networking and cost savings relatively quick with your participation in two areas:

1. Local chapter meetings

Your chapter’s membership meetings are designed to help develop cost savings programs specific to your market. During this time, you’ll work with fellow builders to develop your purchasing process.

2. National and local reporting

You’ll report both local and national contract purchases using CBUSA’s online software. We know how busy you are, so we made it simple for you to send in quarterly reports to earn rebates.

How long does it take before I start to see savings?

You’ll start to see savings fairly quick once you start reporting purchases for rebates. The more you participate in our local and national programs, the more you’ll save. You’ll also see price savings on material costs as you work with fellow builders and suppliers on committed buys.

Are you interested in bringing CBUSA to your local market?

As a member of CBUSA, you’ll save on material costs, have access to our network of preferred local vendors and feel supported by other professional builders in your local chapter.

Ready to get started? Send us an inquiry.

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