Maximizing cost savings: Why reporting material purchases through CBUSA vendors is a game changer

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Builders are always looking for a way to cut expenses without compromising quality. Here’s the solution – report material purchases through CBUSA vendors and earn cost savings in the form of rebates.

There’s a common misconception among builders that reporting isn’t worth the time or that it takes too long. Once you have a system in place, you’ll be able to report purchases in as little as 10 minutes … and save thousands through rebates.

Learn why this practice is so important, and get the story from a CBUSA member on how reporting purchases continues to help their business cut expenses and deliver excellent results to clients.

The main benefit: Cost savings with rebates

The main reason to prioritize reporting material purchases through CBUSA vendors is the substantial cost savings you’ll see in the form of rebates. Many builders don’t know just how profitable these rebates can be.

Builders like Engelsma Homes in Grand Rapids, Michigan, have experienced these savings firsthand.

Ryan Knibbe, partner and head of estimating and business systems at Engelsma Homes, talks about their success.

“We’ve seen some savings by having three or four different vendors who are all part of CBUSA,” Ryan said. “It allows us to price shop and say, ‘OK, which one has the best pricing on James Hardie right now?’ When in the past, we’d be much less prone to do that.”

Engelsma Homes has saved a substantial amount of money by reporting through CBUSA vendors. These rebates directly translate into thousands of dollars. Investing those savings back into improving construction quality will help your business grow by satisfying clients and gaining referrals.

Debunking the myth: Reporting takes too long

The common misconception among builders is that reporting material purchases is a time-consuming task. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Once builders have a system in place, reporting can be done quickly and efficiently.

“For us, it probably takes less than 10 minutes to do our reporting every month, and we saved thousands in rebates last year,” Ryan said.

Engelsma Homes demonstrates that with the right tools and processes in place, reporting is a streamlined and effortless task. CBUSA’s user-friendly platform simplifies the reporting process and makes it accessible to all builders.

For reference, here’s a step-by-step guide for reporting material purchases and earning rebates.

Real-life success story: Engelsma Homes

Engelsma Homes began by building cabinets in a garage, and today it completes between 10 and 15 homes a year, each ranging in price from $1.2 million to $4 million. When the company started to grow, Ryan knew there was more opportunity through the power of CBUSA’s group purchasing organizations.

“We heard about the processes and benefits that come with group purchasing, and we jumped on it,” Ryan said.

Engelsma Homes’ experience serves as a testament to the benefits reporting can bring. With consistent reporting, Ryan and his team not only saved through rebates but also leveraged these funds to grow their business.

Besides saving money, Ryan enjoys collaborating with other builders and learning from one another.

“It’s about creating better builders,” Ryan said. “Opening yourself up from working on an island to working with other builders really broadens your knowledge. It makes you more well-rounded as a builder.”

The success of Ryan and his team shows why you should embrace the solution of material reporting. You’ll cut down on expenses without sacrificing quality. With the right tools and processes in place, you can efficiently report purchases and benefit from the cost savings.

Are you ready to start reporting your purchases through CBUSA vendors?

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