3 ways to save when you build with CBUSA’s group purchasing organization

House sitting atop a pile of money

The more engaged you are with CBUSA, the more you save. Learn what you can do to perfect your procurement processes and profits with our team by your side.

“CBUSA has a huge impact on my company’s bottom line. Over the years, with CBUSA, I’m amazed at the size of the rebate we’re able to get. It’s on par with what a national builder can get.”

George Davis – owner of ProBuilt Homes in Cleveland, Ohio – feels the impact of his company’s CBUSA’s membership right in his pocketbook. And he’s just one of more than 500 builders cashing in.

A recent study of members who joined CBUSA revealed that by participating in just a few local committed purchases and national manufacturing contracts, teams can save over 15% in material costs in critical phases like lumber and drywall. That’s over $12,000 per home for the average CBUSA member.

As the leading group purchasing organization for home builders, CBUSA strives to ease the pains and lower the prices weighing down your procurement processes. But how do they make it happen?

Here are the top three ways to save more with CBUSA:

Top 3 ways to save more with CBUSA group purchasing organization:

1. Purchase from our network of local preferred vendors

The best builders shouldn’t settle for anything but the best – especially when it comes to pricing, rebates and sourcing. But that’s easier said than done.

Finding more ways to save more money is a job itself. Good thing CBUSA has your back.

We’ve already established relationships with a network of preferred local vendors across the US. These vendors then work with us to offer significantly reduced material and labor costs to home builders like you.

However, not just any vendor can become a preferred vendor. Our group purchasing organization works with those who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence and are able to deliver substantial back-end rebates. That’s where our builders come into the equation.

You can choose from our network and enjoy savings on some of the most essential construction supplies, including minimum savings of …

  • 15% on HVAC
  • 13% on block and siding
  • 20% on roofing
  • 6% on lumber and drywall

2. Shop the brands you love at a price you love

One of the top perks of a CBUSA membership is our exclusive brand deals. Our members can enroll in offers not available anywhere else. These are the brand names your clients want. However, with CBUSA, higher quality doesn’t have to mean higher prices.

Here’s how you make the most of our brand deals and bring profits to your procurement process:

  • Choose from 15 national brand name programs like Kohler, James Hardie and Lennox
  • Compare brands and analyze savings across product lines
  • Unbundle your purchases with our guidance to save even more money
  • Gain the level of access to national brand representatives usually reserved only for the biggest builders

Better terms. Better prices. Better rebates. It all happens with CBUSA

3. Group buy with your local CBUSA chapter

Traditionally, national and regional builders have the volume and, therefore, the power to negotiate. These behemoth operations can throw up cul-de-sacs full of houses at staggeringly low prices while gobbling up the lion’s share of suppliers’ resources.

So, as an independent builder, how do you get vendors’ attention? Make working with your competitors your competitive advantage.

As a member of our group purchasing organization, you don’t just belong to the CBUSA national network. You’re also part of a robust local chapter of other elite builders in your area.

Partnering with your competitors might seem against best business practices, but this is one of the most surefire ways to better your bottom line. That’s because you’ll all combine your volume to leverage significantly reduced material and labor costs.

Another huge benefit is the fact CBUSA group buys are committed months in advance, too. Now you can save more, plan better and avoid the issue of supply shortages.

How do you make sure you’re saving as much as possible with CBUSA?

If you’re already a CBUSA network member, log in and review your performance dashboard today. Feel free to contact your CBUSA network representative to learn how to take advantage of additional ways you can save more money with CBUSA.

Or, if you aren’t yet a member of this leading group purchasing organization for home builders, apply to CBUSA today.