Tim Jackson Custom Homes: Saving stress and thousands on material purchases

Procurement was a pain for this custom home builder until they founded a CBUSA chapter in Dallas

Tim Jackson Custom Homes

Their challenge: Simplifying the procurement process

In business since 1996, Tim Jackson Custom Homes has become one of the premier custom home builders in the Dallas, Texas, region. Twenty-five years later, the company completes 13 custom homes starts a year, selling in the range of $2 million to $4 million.

Even with significant growth, owner Tim Jackson keeps his business focused on creating a quality experience for his customers and team.

“I’ve always had the mindset to make things better,” Tim said.

Tim always works to improve customer experiences, systems and processes and sees himself as a lifelong learner – and his company has profited greatly because of it. He doesn’t just continue to do business the way it’s always been done. Settling for good isn’t good enough for Tim Jackson Custom Homes.

Instead, this team works to find the smartest, strongest way to get work done. Looking for methods that save hours and endless amounts of stress. They found just that when joining CBUSA – a group purchasing organization that helped take the pain out of procurement processes.

Their solution: Starting their own CBUSA chapter in Dallas

Tim was a part of a few unsuccessful cooperative buying groups before, so he knew what didn’t work. To take his business to the next level, he needed to find a network that worked together to find real solutions and real savings.

CBUSA was the perfect fit.

“This group was different in its setup,” Tim said. “There was way more structure and organization.”

Through a network of chapters spread coast to coast, CBUSA allows its members to gain purchasing advantage over their competitors through better pricing and better access to top vendors. This organization acts as an extension of a builder’s existing team, handling the hassle of securing top-quality materials at lower costs.

Tim recognized this as an opportunity to make his business more efficient and possible. This was a group that connects the top builders with top vendors to streamline purchasing and put dollars back in the pockets of builders. It was a win for all involved.

In 2012, Tim Jackson Custom Homes and six other builders worked with the CBUSA team to officially launch the Dallas network. After overcoming some initial hurdles and collaboratively working together, this cohort of seven builders began to reap immediate benefits.

“We started to get some name recognition in the Dallas market, from vendors and other builders who started seeing real power in our ability to purchase,” Tim said.

“Now we have builders seeking us to join because they know of the value of the club.”

The local networks only accept builders who bring a certain level of professionalism and credibility.

“We want builders who have a great reputation in the area,” Tim said. “They pay their bills, work well with vendors and purchase a certain amount of volume.”

With this criteria serving as a foundation for growth, the Dallas local network has become large enough to form a second network in Fort Worth with over 25 total builders involved in both.   

“We do have a monthly membership meeting, and it’s obvious that collectively we’re operating as one unit and not 26 individual builders,” Tim said.

Without this support, purchasing is a time-consuming for small builders. They must put in the hard work to get multiple quotes on materials to find the best price. That information isn’t just at their fingertips when a builder goes it alone.  

“How I purchase with CBUSA is a game changer for my business,” Tim said. “With the CBUSA website, I’m able to get access to CBUSA pricing immediately versus having to get actual quotes for multiple different vendors.”

Saving tremendous time and energy, Tim appreciates no longer having to negotiate numbers, too. That’s been especially true when it comes to lumber, given this commodity’s volatile year.

Instead of spending hours collecting quotes from vendors, the Tim Jackson Homes team just heads straight to their CBUSA member portal. Then it’s as easy as loading their lumber list, plugging in vendors and instantly comparing prices.

“We do committed buys monthly or even quarterly. Especially with how lumber is right now, CBUSA benefits our bottom line greatly,” Tim said. “Saving money is huge, but also the ease of taking in those figures is big as well.”

Their success story: Thousands back in rebates and hours back in the day

It sounds almost too good to be true, but CBUSA members can realize over six figures in savings a year through group buys with preferred local vendors, national brand partners and discounts in rebates. Tim Jackson Homes is proof of the rewards CBUSA members can reap.

“CBUSA is another revenue stream we look at,” Tim said. “It’s nice to look back and see we’ve got $40,000 or $50,000 in rebates a year.”

Today, Tim Jackson Homes no longer worries about whether they’ve found the best price on their supplies. CBUSA does the hard work for them and, in turn, helps this business turn a greater profit.

When asked what he’d say to someone who’s on the fence about joining CBUSA, Tim smiles and simply says, “I’d ask them if they like to make money.”

The decision is easy. The cost and time savings are waiting.

Don’t sweat it. CBUSA can handle your procurement processes, too

We believe elite home builders deserve the greatest competitive advantages possible – and that’s exactly what CBUSA can bring your team. Apply for membership today.