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    The founders of CBUSA really thought things out. They put the effort into staffing the company with good people. The support has been the key to success for this group. It’s what attracted me to the organization when I joined.
    Luis Jauregui
    Jauregui Architecture, Austin, Texas
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    How I purchase with CBUSA is a game changer for my business. With the CBUSA website, I’m able to get access to CBUSA pricing immediately versus having to get actual quotes for multiple different vendors.
    Tim Jackson
    Tim Jackson Custom Homes, Dallas, Texas
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    The most appealing thing is the accessibility to people on the manufacturing side that you won’t get anywhere else. I had dinner with the vice president of sales at Lennox. You just don’t have access like that as a small local builder without a CBUSA membership.
    Alan Degen
    New Leaf Builders, Charleston, South Carolina