Vendor Blitz Provides Select Suppliers with the Unique Opportunity to Join the Exclusive Ranks of CBUSA Members

Since its inception in 2004, CBUSA has quickly grown into a building cooperative powerhouse, with our members possessing the collective buying power equal to the 9th largest builder in the U.S. By combining their buying volumes, CBUSA members in the same local market are able to significantly reduce material and labor costs, and earn substantial back-end rebates from local vendors. Meanwhile, participating in national contracts with members across the country allows CBUSA builders to secure significant cost savings through negotiations with top manufacturers.

CBUSA currently has 360 builder members working with 1,200 partner suppliers in 23 markets — and those numbers are growing daily. As our network continues to expand across the country, the need for new local partner suppliers grows as well. In turn, this creates valuable opportunities for those who join our ranks to gain access to our exclusive network and increase their market share by working with reputable builders who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence through their forward thinking and financial stability.

Since becoming a CBUSA partner vendor provides a unique opportunity to work with industry-leading home builders, the vetting process is selective. All CBUSA partner suppliers are nominated by local member builders, and only those suppliers who are best in breed in specific supply categories make the cut. Those select, forward-thinking vendors whose business vision aligns with CBUSA’s receive an invitation to attend an exclusive event known as a Vendor Blitz.

The Vendor Blitz is an informal 50-minute meeting held at a convenient central location that gives potential partner vendors the opportunity to learn about CBUSA through open dialogue. At the Blitz, questions are answered and concerns are addressed with an end goal in mind — that vendors who attend will leave with the information they need to decide if they’d like to apply for membership.

This meeting is designed for decisions makers and outlines CBUSA’s goals, membership requirements and benefits for preferred vendors. Member builders are also in attendance to provide valuable perspective by giving vendors an inside look at how a CBUSA contractor/vendor relationship functions.

Once concluded, the post-Blitz process is as follows:

  • Potential vendors are welcome to ask follow up questions and have concerns addressed
  • The deadline to submit an application for membership is one week following the Blitz
  • Once all vendor applications have been submitted, a vote is held by member builders
  • Approved vendors are notified and receive agreements to complete prior to becoming official preferred vendors
  • CBUSA hosts Vendor Launch meetings and software trainings, as well as an “Operation Launch” Happy Hour to gather member builders and vendors together in a social setting
  • CBUSA hosts Operation Launch Happy Hour to get all the builders and vendors together in a social setting

If you receive an invitation to join us at an upcoming Vendor Blitz, we hope you’ll join us to learn about how a CBUSA membership can help your company take its business to the next level. For more information about CBUSA, visit

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