Triangle Builders Guild Gives Back to Their Community

The 24 independent contractors who comprise the Triangle Builders Guild (TBG) — CBUSA’s Builders Group in Raleigh, North Carolina — are committed to building the highest quality homes in the region. But what makes this group so special is their additional focus — giving back to their community by dedicating time, money and resources to several local charities who strive to help needy families in the greater Raleigh-Durham area.

“Since I’ve been involved with The Triangle Builders Guild, I’ve come to know them not only as a group made up of the best-of-the-best builders, but also as a group filled with tremendously generous people,” says Gerry Felton, the manager of CBUSA’s South Region. “Each year they commit to supporting a few local charities, both financially and with their time and talents. They don’t just build homes, they care for the people who will one day inhabit them.”

TBG’s charity involvement began a decade ago when they started working with Habitat for Humanity to build affordable, stable homes for needy families to help them break the cycle of poverty and build long-term financial security, and that commitment continues to this day.

Another organization that has TBG’s dedication is Healing Transitions — a nonprofit organization designed to help homeless individuals with alcoholism and other drug addictions find recovery. Richard Gaylord, President of Richard Gaylord Homes, is the primary TBG contact for Healing Transitions. His involvement with the group began many years ago when a family member succumbed to opioid addiction. Richard was so impressed with his first-hand experience of the organization’s full-family recovery program that he approached his fellow TBG members with the idea of offering Healing Transitions their financial support.

‘Without the help of Healing Transitions, I’m not sure what our family would have done during that difficult time,” Gaylord says. “The inpatient physical and mental health resources and their commitment to healing those who are addicted is a lifesaver to so many. I’ve been committed to the organization ever since and now serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. ”

Healing Transitions will soon embark on a $10 million fundraising event to increase their campus’ footprint from five to nine acres so they can positively affect the lives of many more in the community, and TBG is committed to helping them reach their goal.

TBG provides support to two additional charities focused on worthy causes in the region — StepUp Ministry and Note In The Pocket and.

StepUp Ministry has provided career training and job placement for those who lack the skills, education, or contacts to secure employment on their own since 1988. For many, getting and keeping a job can be challenging for many reasons. Step Up Ministry works with individuals to overcome obstacles and transform their lives through job and life training. The hard work and dedication of the staff, board, partners, and donors has shown itself in the lifelong impact of thousands of participants and their families.

Note In The Pocket is an organization that collects gently used clothing for needy school-aged children. Having the clothes they need to go to school each day dressed like their peers helps these children feel comfortable and confident, which in turn helps them be more successful.

“TBG is a fraternity of great builders who share information and trust and take care of each other,” says member builder David Creech of Creech Homes. “But we also share a concern and responsibility to help our community to improve the lives of our most vulnerable citizens.”

If you’d like to join TBG in supporting these groups who are doing so much to help those in need in the greater Raleigh-Durham region, please click below to visit the organizations’ websites.

Habitat for Humanity

Healing Transitions

Note In The Pocket

StepUp Ministry

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