The New Chesapeake Market

Eastern Maryland is home to a prolific building community with some of the best and most sought-after custom homebuilders in the country. And it’s no wonder—prospective new homeowners are all eager to find themselves with a deck-view of Chesapeake Bay, immediate access to a quiet cove, or nestled among the many other natural and historic gems found in the area.

Our new Chesapeake Market launched in early 2016. We’ve begun working together with some of the best and most influential builders in the market. Following our model that has performed well in other parts of the country, we are pleased to report that each member has experienced significant impact to their bottom lines right out the gate.

Bob Ward Homes is one of the many standouts in the area. They are a company out of Edgewood—located between Baltimore and Washington DC—and turn out about 150 homes per year. Notably, Bob Ward Companies were recently awarded the accolade for the most energy-efficient home in BCG’s service area. According to BGE, “The project saves the homeowners 71 percent on their utility bill when compared to a home built just to code.”

Of CBUSA, Craig Kehoe of Bob Ward Homes says, “I want to thank Ryan and Lori for assisting in our groups first committed lumber buy. Bob Ward Companies saved about 4% on our lumber for the next 2 months. Real dollars we put in our pocket as a result of the CBUSA program.”

Saving a company this size 4% on the first buy is tremendous, all while maintaining the quality and service CBUSA builders are accustomed to and base their reputation on every day.

A standout vendor from the region is First Choice Garage Doors—a partner in the Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland markets. They are a key vendor partner of ours and install doors for our members through the CBUSA national garage door contract with Wayne Dalton.

Owner Tony Aguilar says, “CBUSA is a great program and we are 100% behind it. It has been an excellent program for us in Northern Virginia and we’re eager to add more builders in Maryland. We have already picked up a big account in Maryland as a result of the program.”

The founding Builder Members in this brand new market are Baldwin Homes, Belle Grove Homes, Bob Ward Companies, Bozzuto Homes, Bridgeway Homes, Cairn Custom Homes, and Procopio Family Homes. The group is currently taking applications from qualified local builders.

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