How to start a CBUSA group purchasing organization chapter in your market

“You’ll really reap the rewards long-term.”

“It’s opened our eyes to great vendors in our local market.”

“When I collaborate with other elite builders in our market, I know I am dealing with the cream of the crop – the highest most professional group of builders in our market. In doing that, I know the information I am getting is beneficial for my business.”

CBUSA’s builder members have a lot to say when it comes to the benefits of joining this elite group purchasing organization. By negotiating lower costs for materials and ironing out wrinkles in often too complicated procurement processes, CBUSA nets its network unbeatable savings.

From the tippy top of Washington state down to the beaches of Florida, there are more than 30 local CBUSA chapters across the country. Each one is composed of builders like those quoted above. These are elite construction business owners who are working together with others in their area and this group purchasing organization to raise the bar and what it means to be the best of the best in residential construction.

But why stop at a little over 30 chapters? CBUSA has the power to revolutionize the building industry in almost every major market coast to coast. These established chapters all had to start from somewhere, right? If you want to reap the benefits of this group purchasing organization but don’t have a chapter in your market, CBUSA is ready and waiting to help work with you to set one up.

It’s totally worth it, too – but don’t just take our word for it. Hear from several CBUSA builder members who have started new chapters where they build homes.

Need more reason to start a local chapter in your market? Here are five benefits to consider:

1. Membership is worth every penny – see for yourself

We know you’ll get far more value from our group purchasing organization then what you spend for membership. In fact, we have a calculator to prove it.

To show you exactly how much you specifically can save when you put the CBUSA programs to work for your business, we created an online savings calculator.

Easy-to-follow directions are on this page to help guide you through entering in your business information. It’s quick and simple. Once everything is filled in, you’ll have a ROI calculated just for your business.

(Seriously – click now and see what you can save!)

2. CBUSA is an investment in your business

Now that you’ve reviewed the potential savings from our calculator, it’s time to understand how CBUSA is a business investment. You should know that your membership requires some dedication from you and your staff to get our programs working with your business. However, the time and effort is all worth it. By combining your purchasing volume with other CBUSA members in your market, you’ll significantly reduce material and labor costs – and we’ll handle much of the stress that comes with managing your procurement process.

Unlike a lot of other group purchasing organizations, we don’t just let anybody join our network either. You’ll only work with other top builders, allowing you to pool resources and knowledge. That’s what makes our third point in this post so important …

3. Learn from other elite builders during valuable chapter meetings

Our chapters meet regularly, giving members the chance to share best practices with their peers, discuss programs, offer one another leads and references, plus brainstorm around market issues.

CBUSA will work with your chapter to make this time together valuable. Attendance and ongoing participation are expected at these meetings. While ideally in person, we’ve been meeting virtually, too, due to COVID-19 and continue to see the power of these relationships help our members’ navigate uncertain times.

CBUSA is here to support you with savings and rebates, but we need your participation to do so. Your input to help us understand your projected home starts, necessary materials for the bid list and sometimes information about how and what you prefer to buy are all critical. The more you can help us understand your needs, the better we can negotiate on your behalf.

4. Easy reporting leads to extraordinary rebates

CBUSA does need you to report on both your local purchases and for the brands you buy from our National Contracts Programs. This does take time, but we’re continually working to make this process easier through our Member Portal. Today, we have several manufacturers and local suppliers who will actually report for you. CBUSA then collects your rebates and distributes them directly into your provided bank account.

All you have to do is:

1. Enroll in a program

2. Buy the material for your homes

3. Report which materials you purchased and the quantity

Our group purchasing organization makes it easy as 1, 2, 3.

5. Receive support from CBUSA’s experienced staff

By joining or starting a chapter and becoming a CBUSA member, you have access to our experienced staff. Your CBUSA chapter’s network representatives will be dedicated resources who help make sure each chapter member gets their group buying projections and reports in on time.

We also help you understand what programs are best for your businesses, schedule software training and provide ongoing customer service when you need help along the way with new programs or on ramping a new company resource to help manage your CBUSA program.

We’re always looking to help launch the next CBUSA Network Chapter of elite residential home builders, too.

Let us know if you’re interested in joining one of the five chapters getting ready to kick-off. Those include:

​1. Birmingham/Tuscaloosa, Alabama

2. Huntsville, Alabama

3. Waco, Texas

4. Charlotte, North Carolina

5. Chicago, Illinois

Ready to start a new CBUSA Chapter in your market?

Just because your building market isn’t on our current map, doesn’t mean we haven’t started speaking with someone in your area who’s also interested in launching a chapter.

Don’t wait – Contact CBUSA for more information today! Email Ryan Lipchek to learn how you can help start a chapter near you and grow your bottom line.

Or, if CBUSA is in your area and you’d like to join, inquire about membership today.

Rising to the very top of this industry is all about finding your competitive advantage. A CBUSA membership has been just that for hundreds of builders. We’re the key that unlocks greater opportunities. Because, with our benefits behind you, you’ll go from a successful home builder in your market to a leader industrywide.

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