How Schlage does door hardware right with design and security in mind

With the advancement of new technologies, door hardware has become far more sophisticated and capable than ever before. Technology has enabled new features, higher efficiency and better control within even the simplest of products. Beyond these attributes, products communicate more than in the past, informing us of status, activity and need for maintenance.

New technology is more than added features and capabilities though. It changes the way we interact with products. Our design team at Schlage focuses on the needs and desires of the customer first to drive technological solutions. We seek to provide options that result in great experiences while retaining aesthetics that align with unique homes and interiors.

Here’s why Schlage should be your partner in providing artfully designed, modern hardware and smart lock solutions.

Why choose Schlage products for your home builds?

Schlage is committed to providing quality security solutions for homeowners. We strive to provide products that satisfy customer needs in many ways, including reliability, durability, technology and aesthetic.

The designers at Schlage continually immerse themselves in style, culture and technology trends. We attend trade shows, engage in professional and industry groups, engage with peers in associated industries, interact with interior designers and architects and scour the internet on a regular basis to be at the forefront of innovation. It’s our intention to have the products we create be both relevant and desirable.

Schlage offers an array of product solutions that align with differing needs and customer design choices. There are a wide variety of hardware options to fit every customer and every door. We provide solutions that can fit all doors throughout a home and maintain a unified aesthetic with consistent, reliable quality.

How is Schlage different than other hardware and home product suppliers?

Our long history and extensive experience making security and safety products is reflected in everything we offer. Few can match our expertise and the range of products we offer to keep homes safe while maintaining individual style.

By choosing Schlage, you benefit from years of knowledge and experience in door hardware as well as our inherent spirit of innovation. As a long-standing and established company, you can count on Schlage to support your home building needs for years to come.

What are the most popular products Schlage offers?

Our electronic smart lock options are very popular. These products offer many solutions for integrating door locks with smart home systems and communication technologies. Schlage provides a range of features that include simple keypad entry and high-tech locks that communicate with your phone and home security systems. Schlage Encode, Schlage Connect and Schlage Sense are among the more popular models.

Additionally, our Schlage CustomTM Door Hardware features architectural-inspired styles and designs at an affordable price. It’s also our most innovative mechanical product. It features a two-in-one chassis that allows a user to change the function of the door from privacy to passage and back without ever removing the whole lock. For you home builders, this means no more counting door functions!

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About Schlage

Walter Schlage’s first patent was issued in 1909, and by 1923 he was producing a new type of lock – the tubular lock. Today the tubular lock has become commonplace in homes across the country. Over the past 100 years, the Schlage Company has expanded beyond that initial design to offer a portfolio of security products for the home, including deadbolts, handle sets, door knockers, kickplates and most recently, Schlage smart lock solutions.

Today, Schlage is a part of Allegion, a publicly traded company providing security and safety solutions across the globe. In addition to our portfolio of residential products, Schlage has a full line of commercial-grade products found in industrial, commercial and institutional buildings. Our breadth of experience in security, along with our culture of innovation, is embedded in all the products we make.

Author: Ted Roberts, Chief of style and design at Schlage

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