Brand partner spotlight: RTIC and how their coolers stand above the rest

Graphic featuring RTIC logo.

RTIC was founded in 2015 by entrepreneurial twin brothers John and Jim Jacobsen, who saw a need for high-quality, affordable coolers that could withstand outdoor conditions. They sold the company to Wind Point Partners in the fall of 2020. Since the acquisition, RTIC consolidated warehouses and moved all operations to Katy, Texas. RTIC is rapidly growing with the mission to help everyone enjoy the outdoors with products that are “Overbuilt. Not Overpriced.”

CBUSA is excited to announce this partnership with the RTIC brand to provide your business with the top-notch coolers and drinkware products needed for your workday. Their coolers are a great option for construction teams who need to keep food and drinks cool on the job site. There are many ways to take advantage of the RTIC partnership and their products, like giving your team members and clients a nice gift or showcasing your company’s logo.

RTIC coolers are designed to provide superior performance in several key areas compared to traditional coolers. Discover how RTIC coolers stand out from the rest and why they’re the right choice for your construction team.

Ice retention

RTIC coolers are built to keep ice frozen for longer compared to traditional coolers. Because of their superior insulation that helps minimize heat transfer, the coolers can hold ice for up to 10 days. This is important for construction workers who need to store drinks and snacks for long hours in hot and humid conditions. They can also keep ice packs ready for first aid needs that may arise throughout the workday.


Construction teams need coolers that last through the dirt and hard hits. RTIC coolers are made to withstand rigorous outdoor conditions. Each hard-sided cooler is made from high-grade materials, with features like heavy-duty latches, non-slip feed and premium hardware. RTIC also offers soft-sided coolers that have a puncture-resistant outer shell, durable foam, antimicrobial liner and excellent stitching to provide a long-lasting product.


No matter what your team uses their cooler for, RTIC provides a range of sizes and capacities for all needs – from small lunch box coolers to large, commercial-grade coolers. The wide range of options allows users to choose the right size for them. The larger coolers can also be used to store construction equipment and tools that are sensitive to heat or malfunction when they get too hot. RTIC coolers can keep these items cool and reduce the risk of equipment failure and downtime.


RTIC coolers are designed to be easy to transport thanks to their built-in handles, tie-down points and optional shoulder straps. This makes it easy to take the cooler to the job site. You can also use the coolers for transporting small quantities of materials, such as screws, nails and other hardware. Accessories like dividers and baskets are available to keep items organized.


Along with being a premium brand, RTIC coolers are more affordable than their competitors. RTIC offers superior performance and quality, and you can purchase their products without breaking the bank. This is evident in RTIC’s mission – “Overbuilt. Not Overpriced.” Affordability is important for your business and your team, and with the partnership, you get access to competitive pricing for RTIC products.

Ready to partner with RTIC to supply your team with affordable high-quality coolers?

The RTIC program is available to all CBUSA members. Log in to the CBUSA Member Portal and navigate to Contracts Central to learn more about this partnership.

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Madyson Alger Madyson is a copywriter for CBUSA and Buildertrend.