Rebuilding for the Glenn Family: Wounded Warrior Project

If you ask CBUSA member Bob Van Houten, owner of BVH Construction, about the defining aspects of his business, he’ll tell you that family, devotion to our military, and paying it forward within his community top the charts. This is unsurprising—he’s a family man through and through. Likewise, his family’s military history dates back to WWII; his father-in-law is retired Special Forces, both his son-in-law and his daughter are retired from the Army, and his nephew is currently serving. So, in a selfless and honorable fashion, his company bid on the project that was soon to become one of his most important to date: rebuilding retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant David Glenn’s home outside of Raleigh, North Carolina.

It’s nearly impossible to imagine a recipient more deserving of a new home than David. We’re in awe of this veteran who, despite impossibly trying times and raising two young children still manages to give back to his community and lift the spirits of everyone he encounters. During his third tour, while he was serving as a Special Forces medic, his vehicle struck an explosive device and ultimately left him with brain damage and without both legs, his teeth, and his ring finger. Still, he rises to work like the rest of us and manages to tour as a motivational speaker as well. Truly, we’re humbled by his sacrifice and his dedication to bettering the world around him.

So when the opportunity arose to work with The Carrington Companies to build the Glenns a new, custom smart home that meets the Americans with Disabilities Act and Department of Veterans Affairs guidelines, Bob and the rest of BVH Construction jumped in without hesitation. “Simply,” Bob reminisces, “it was an honor to do it.”

They completely demolished the Glenns’ old, outdated, and non-ADA compliant house that was much too small for his growing family. In its place, they poured a new foundation and built an entirely new home featuring necessities like top-of-the-line climate control technology, security systems, and other smarthome amenities.

After a delayed start thanks to heavy rains brought by a hurricane, David’s family including his wife Robin and their two kids, Meghan and Wyatt finally moved into their new home in early May. The move-in ceremony was an emotional event full of energy, though both Robin and David note that what they most look forward to is settling into their new place and raising their kids in a home they’re proud of.

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