5 things to expect at this year’s CBUSA Power 30 construction conference

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For building pros who are at the top of their industry, CBUSA’s annual Power 30 construction conference is their playground.

CBUSA is a network of top residential home builders who connect through group purchasing and a shared buying strategy to propel their businesses forward. For two days, these elite builders will invest in the future of their companies in Boston and have the chance to network in a hands-on way.

Combine CBUSA’s home building pros, expert guest speakers and premier National Manufacturing Partners, and you have the most coveted home builders conference around. This is Power 30.

For nearly two decades, CBUSA has shared residential home building trends and insights with its elite members. This commitment to building excellence is on display at every turn during Power 30 – but what exactly can attendees expect?

If you’ll be in Boston with us this fall, now’s the time to let anticipation build and prepare for an invite-only conference you’ll never forget.

“Power 30 provides a stage for our builders to share experiences and best practices with one another and allows the CBUSA team to update our network’s most influential members on the latest and greatest enhancements and initiatives,” CBUSA’s director of east division operations Jimmy Grignon says. “Builders should walk away feeling prideful, well-informed and motivated to take on whatever the market throws our way during 2023.”

Here’s what you can look forward to at Power 30 this year:

1. Network with like-minded leaders from other CBUSA chapters

One perk of being a CBUSA member is sharing the company of a network of experienced, passionate home builders. This annual conference is the perfect outlet to connect with and learn from one another in a new way.

During scheduled conference sessions, a supplier and manufacturing expo and off-site special events, Power 30 allows builders to expand their know-how all while getting to know one another.

2. Hear from construction industry experts

Is there anything better than an energizing keynote speaker? At Power 30, you’ll hear directly from industry experts to leave you feeling eager for the future of construction.

“There’s a vibe in the Power 30 room that’s hard to replicate – it’s the people that make this event so special and memorable,” Grignon said. “The programs and services that our team offers are changing the game for independent builders across the U.S. If that doesn’t get you fired-up, check your pulse.”

Meet this year’s lineup of guest speakers:

Mark Boud, chief economist

Mark Boud is an industry leader known for his economic planning and data-driven forecasting. His expertise is trusted by builders, land developers and financial institutions.

At Power 30, he’ll be sharing his data and viewpoints as the economy and housing market wade through this period of uncertainty. Look forward to modeled forecasts, housing market strengths and weaknesses and insights about consumer demand.

Kevin Eastman, former assistant coach in the NBA

Over his 40 years in the game of basketball at the NBA and collegiate levels, Kevin Eastman has studied what makes the best THE BEST – their habits, mindset, strategies and everyday choices.

His keynote address will look at specific traits and characteristics of “The Best.” What makes them the best? His presentation will stimulate your thinking through simple yet valuable teaching points geared toward making you and those you lead better.

Jeff Bauman, The New York Times bestseller

in his New York Times bestseller, Jeff Bauman recounts his inspiring Boston Marathon survivor story that already captured the hearts of millions of readers. Now, the everyday hero who came to personify “Boston Strong” is connecting to audiences about how his network and people in the right place at the right time helped save his life.

During his message to the CBUSA audience, pay attention closely to his strong message about accepting help and understanding how connecting to your network of support means surviving and then thriving in the middle of adversity.

3. Celebrate home building successes

CBUSA builders work hard. Really hard. And with rising inflation, rapid industry changes and a recession on the horizon, we can all use a moment to find the good.

Power 30 brings independent business leaders together to celebrate the best and brightest the industry has to offer. On the first night of the conference, gather for an annual awards event as CBUSA leaders recognize the exciting achievements of stand-out members.

Here are the three awards given out at Power 30:

  • The Wally: The Walter G. Schwartz Award for Excellence, the ‘Wally,’ is presented to the CBUSA Brand Partner that demonstrated true excellence in support of our network and its builder members.
  • The ‘All-In’ Award: This is awarded to the builder member that demonstrates unparalleled dedication, loyalty and commitment to the CBUSA network, our preferred vendors and national supplier partners.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: This award honors a builder who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, tireless commitment and an unparalleled level of integrity in their support of the CBUSA mission.

4. Get updates from CBUSA leaders about the future of the network

Take a glimpse into the next era of home building from a front-row seat. CBUSA leaders will share exciting updates about the future of the network and provide members with the knowledge they need to continue rising above the rest.

“During Power 30, the best builders from the CBUSA network converge together in one room alongside leadership representing each of our Brand Partners and CBUSA staff to collaborate, plan and network,” Grignon says. “CBUSA is excited to announce the continued expansion of our internal team and the launch of new Brand Partner Programs, both of which will drive immense value for our membership.”

Learn about the future of group purchasing, improve your buying strategy and move into the next phase of your business – together.

5. Connect with premier vendor and manufacturer partners

Get the full conference experience with the Power 30 supplier and manufacturing expo, featuring partners like James Hardie, Andersen Windows and Electrolux. This is your chance to ask questions, form invaluable relationships and swap ideas – all in one place.

Grab that tote bag and get ready to fill it up with swag, business cards and industry insights you can’t get anywhere else.

Ready to start your countdown? Learn more about Power 30 by visiting the event page. Wish you could come along? Apply to join CBUSA today, so you can join us at next year’s construction conference.

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