Power 30 Conference

CBUSA hosted its 4th Annual Power 30 Conference from February 9th-11th in San Antonio, TX. This event brings together the top spenders from across the network, as well as selected market leaders and prospective Members from various cities around the county. 43 Builders participated in this year’s Conference, which is our highest rate of attendance to date.

The core of the Conference agenda was a full-day business meeting where members collaborated on industry best practices, shared their successes, and discussed CBUSA’s strategic initiatives for the next 12 months. One of the highlights of this years event was a panel discussion focusing on the ‘Cost of Service’ with Van Isley (Professional Builder’s Supply – Raleigh, NC), Meagan Jones (McCoy’s Building Supply – Austin, TX), and Tony Callahan (Callahan Consulting – Atlanta, GA). During this segment, panel members educated and enlightened CBUSA’s best and brightest on how to become more valuable customers and ‘earn’ even better pricing, incentives, and service than our network already enjoys today.

Among the strategic initiatives that the CBUSA team will begin working on in 2015 is the development of Commitment-Based Contract Tiers for National Contracts, a program that will better recognize the diversity of our network and deliver even better results to all members based on their profile. Secondly, CBUSA will begin to determine the feasibility of starting an internal Estimating Service for our members. There is a natural fit for this service with our business model and an obvious need for our builder members that is not being met by the current resources.The Power 30 is selected each year after Q2 reporting and is based on the previous 4 quarters of spending. The companies that made this elite list for the 2014-2015 term are as follows:

Builder Market
Brian A Bailey Homes, Inc. Austin
Jauregui Inc. Austin
Payne & Payne Builders, Inc. Cleveland
Gruver-Cooley Corporation Northern VA
Quaker Custom Homes LLC Northern VA
Timbercraft Homes *4 QTR Est. Oklahoma City
Cimarron Homes Raleigh
Cityscape Builders Raleigh
Gray Line Builders, LLC Raleigh
Homes by Dickerson, Inc. Raleigh
Legacy Custom Homes Raleigh
Robuck Homes, Inc. Raleigh
Builder Market
Saussy Burbank Homes Raleigh
Snyder Hankins Custom Homes, Inc. Raleigh
Sundance Development Raleigh
Anderson-Jenkins Signature Homes, Ltd. San Antonio
Dale Sauer Homes San Antonio
Diamante Custom Homes San Antonio
Garner Custom Homes San Antonio
Stone Creek Custom Homes San Antonio
Magleby Companies Utah
Jordan Built Homes Wilmington
Kent Homes & Associates Wilmington

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