CBUSA Power 30 Builders Look Forward to 2018 Conference

As what is sure to be an action-packed year for the home building industry, CBUSA has turned its focus to their Power 30 Conference, which will be held this February in Scottsdale, Arizona. Now in its 7th year, this annual event brings together the network’s 30 most active member builders as measured by participation in CBUSA’s programs and services, to discuss best practices and focus on how they can continue to leverage their membership opportunities for the benefit of the entire organization.

This year, an additional 20 companies representing market leaders and prospects for future operations will join CBUSA’s Power 30 builders at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa. The conference will also host 11 special guests and speakers and 25 manufacturer partners. In total, 105 attendees will enjoy 3 days of roundtables, panel discussions and social events with the goal of honing CBUSA’s strategy for future products, services and programs.

The Power 30 Conference has changed significantly since CBUSA’s top 20 builders met under tight budget constraints at a Homewood Suites in Chicago in January 2010. The growth of the conference — which has become much more interactive and features industry thought leaders and manufacturer presentations — directly reflects the growth of CBUSA itself. Since the first conference, the number of builder members has grown from 221 in 16 U.S. markets to 375 in 25. The number of vendor partners has increased from 715 to 1,054, and the network’s annual purchase value has more than doubled from $128 million to $270 million.

Scottsdale was chosen to host this year’s Power 30 Conference both for its fabulous February weather and the greater Phoenix area’s continued growth and market potential. In addition to the information packed daytime conference events, attendees will enjoy social networking dinners each evening, including a catered affair at CBUSA Member, Rod Cullum’s  striking model home at Paradise Valley.

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