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We are always interested in learning about innovative ways our members grow and develop their businesses. CBUSA member, Matt Risinger, has created an award winning blog that has helped him develop a multi-million dollar pipeline of referrals. We asked Matt a few questions about the process and idea behind building his blog to what it is today.

What turned you on to this form of media?
I got turned onto videos and blogging by attending a 2007 CBUSA Meeting with Keynote speaker David Meerman Scott. He wrote a book called The New Rules of Marking and PR that has set my whole business up for success! I started my blog,, in 2008 and started making videos in 2009 with my $50 Flip video camera. My blog now as 30,000 visitors per month & my YouTube channel has 12,000 subscribers. More importantly, I’ve got a following of Architects here in Austin who started to perceive me as both smart & trustworthy. I now have $30M in the pipeline that has strictly come from Architect referrals.
What is the overall strategy behind it?
My main motivation is education & training. Secondarily, I want to move the market here in Austin to have higher standards. I love this quote from Dan Kolbert: “Many of us are direct competitors, but we have more to gain by banding together & raising local standards than we do by working in isolation.” I also want to be known as the “Smart” builder. My videos are like steroids for my reputation in Austin. I’ve been in business 10 years now and because of my videos & blog I regularly compete with builders who built their reputation over the last 30 years.
What kind of investment is required for this?
Initially, I used a $50 camera. I then moved to a $300 camera & a $150 wireless mic. That’s what I’d recommend for new guys starting out. A Canon camcorder with mic input and a Sony wireless is key as sound is actually more important than images. I’ve started shooting with a pro video crew as of Nov 2014 and they are expensive but have already paid for themselves. I spend $10k/month now on video work and have gotten sponsors to help pay for videos. Previous to my pro crew, I was spending about $1000/mo to do videos and editing.
How do you determine what topics you cover from video to video?
I only cover topics that interest me or that I feel qualified to speak about as an expert. I feel that consistency in posting new content is more important than making super polished videos.
Have you seen any concrete returns on this approach?
I’ve gotten several clients specifically from my blog, but mainly the benefits have been seen by Architects locally knowing me and staying top of mind on referrals. I have also found that prospects who interview me come very informed to meetings after seeing my videos. I recently interviewed for a $3M job where an Architect referred 3 builders to interview. At a party the weekend after my interview the prospects friend told them all about this “Builder in Austin who’s videos are amazing”. They called me today to sign my pre-construction services agreement.

Here is a recent video from Matt’s YouTube channel:

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