New brand partner: JennAir and the benefits of high-end appliances

New brand partner: JennAir and the benefits of high-end appliances

In 1965, Lou Jenn challenged the idea that vent hoods were needed in the kitchen. He “defied convention and physics itself” to introduce downdraft ventilation, which eliminated the need for overhead vents and opened new possibilities for kitchen design. Since then, JennAir has made a name for itself as a leader and trendsetter in the space of high-end kitchen appliances.

And now, CBUSA members have the opportunity to work with JennAir as one of their new exclusive brand partners. They offer a range of appliances that include: professional-style ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers and small appliances like built-in coffee machines.

Today, cooking has become more than just a necessity. For many people, spending time in the kitchen can be considered a hobby, a career, a passion. You can find dozens of cooking shows on TV, and kitchen design has become somewhat of an art. That being said, it comes as no surprise that the heart of the home is where clients are choosing to spend top dollar.

All JennAir products and services aim for, “Exceptional outcomes that defy convention.” The craftsmanship that goes into each design and every detail of their high-end appliances is unmatched. From the brass-capped burners to custom, panel-ready refrigerators, there’s an option for every chef-inspired kitchen.

Are high-end appliances worth the money?

Yes. High-end appliances are worth the extra expense. They last longer than traditional appliances and the extra features they offer can make cooking and cleaning easier.

Luxury appliances aren’t just for looks. By offering quality appliances to your clients, you’re also offering them several other benefits they’ll love. Here are four reasons why high-end appliances are worth the extra money.

1. Excellent performance

When you choose high-end appliances over the more basic models, clients are not only investing in the aesthetics – they’re investing in the professionally engineered design. Unlike traditional kitchen appliances, luxury products are built with quality materials meant to perform with precision and last for generations.

2. Advanced features

Technology continues to advance and with that advancement comes greater expectations. With high-end appliances, homeowners get extra features that were thoughtfully crafted to enhance their cooking experience. Some of the most popular upgrade options include preprogrammed cooking modes, spacious dishwashers, downdraft ventilation that eliminates smoke and odors without a vent hood and Wi-Fi connection for added control anywhere in the house.

3. Superior design

No matter the aesthetic of a home, luxury appliances offer an appearance of timelessness and elegance. High-end appliances can also provide a custom look with counter-depth options. This means appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers can be flush with the cabinets and fitted with matching panels to create a seamless design.

4. Savings over time

Although it may not seem like savings initially, investing in high-end appliances will save clients money in the long run. Between energy efficiency and quality performance over time, it can be argued that upgrading to luxury appliances is actually more affordable than buying traditional.

Ready to start using JennAir appliances in your home builds?

Enroll in the JennAir program through CBUSA’s Contracts Central.

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