Imagine Your Rebate Status in Real-Time

At the core of an independent builder is a master multitasker. Any small opportunity to streamline the process comes as a welcome reprieve, and any go-out-of-the-way tasks end up being a time and effort burden sometimes too hefty to bear. A perfect and simplified example: the rebate.

While you’re busy tracking a rebate, ensuring that it’s being paid, and that you are receiving the correct dollar amount for it, your inbox is piling up, your voice mailbox is steadily growing, and your to-do list is snowballing.

That’s where we step in.

Our business is helping to make yours more efficient. The new CBUSA online builder rebate statement is designed to provide real-time information to our members. By tracking rebates paid to them for both local vendor rebates and national contracts, we alleviate headaches, and put time back in your day.

Replace the previously static, monthly statements summarizing the last 30 days of activity. Reduce the one big, dreaded end-of-the-month task to a ‘to-do’ that you can check off whenever you want. ”On demand access” translates to “on your own time.” Increased transparency ups productivity and keeps you completely up to date.

These new real-time statements enable members to get live status updates on rebate payments received from preferred vendors as they occur. One simple click, and any outstanding payments are easily viewed. As an added bonus? Detailed accounting of CBUSA fees is included on the statement. No guesswork, no searching for information.

According to Brendan Sheehan, CFO, CBUSA:

“The transparency we are providing with the use of this tool is a major step forward. The online rebate statement provides our members quick access to critical information regarding monthly rebate distributions.”

Unload the burden of managing rebates on a monthly basis off of your back, and regain control of your schedule with the online rebate statement tool from CBUSA. Get in touch today to talk about how this tool can streamline your daily process and up your productivity. And for up-to-date information in a dynamic and productive environment, join our group on Linkedin.

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