Houston Business Journal Award: Congratulations McVaugh Custom Homes

When asked to identify an American construction industry hotspot; a place where some of the greatest minds and most daring thinkers elevate homebuilding for suppliers, contractors, homeowners, and everyone in between, Houston comes to mind for most. So when the Houston Business Journal announces its prestigious Best Residential Development Award, we pay attention.

This year, among thousands of new building projects sprouting up all over Houston, one stood out: the Royal Oaks Courtyard Villas by CBUSA member, Jim McVaugh of McVaugh Custom Homes, Inc. At its most basic level, this project is a massive and unprecedented undertaking. It’s centered on the notion that there’s a growing consumer base interested in leaving a smaller environmental footprint without moving into an apartment or sacrificing quality of living. So when Jim’s project was coming to fruition, he vowed to only use world-renowned architects and designers along with sustainable building methods.

Today, The Royal Oaks Courtyard Villas is the very first residential neighborhood in the state of Texas to achieve 100% LEED Certification. From energy savings to water efficiency to indoor environmental quality and CO2 emission reduction, each house is carefully crafted to create a new sense of responsibility and direction for not only the residents of the community but, more ambitiously, for the residential building industry as a whole. And according to Jim, “We believe that LEED and green building requirements will be the norm in most municipalities over the next three to five years. Fortunately for us that norm is now.” The cherry atop the cake: When it comes down to the tangible benefit, each homeowner saves an average of $60 on their monthly utility bill.

For over 20 years, Jim McVaugh has dedicated himself to staying ahead of the pack when it comes to architectural design, technology, and building science. This project is proof that hard work and a targeted vision pays off. It’s hard to think of a more deserving recipient of the Houston Business Journal’s illustrious award.

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