The future of building: How to innovate with HomeLink smart home systems

The future of building: How to innovate with HomeLink smart home systems

The landscape of smart homes has evolved and looks completely different than it did 10 years ago. Demand and expectations from homeowners are higher than they’ve ever been. This means building with innovation is more important than ever.

Incorporating energy-conscious smart home devices and services into your home builds adds desire for home buyers and sets you apart in a competitive construction industry.

Here’s why HomeLink should be your partner in building safe, energy-efficient homes.

Get to know HomeLink Smart Home Solutions

HomeLink provides smarter home innovations for a brighter tomorrow. Our goal is to make the homes you build more attractive to buyers – both now and in the future. In a crowded space, we’re the expert who guides your homeowners through thousands of smart home products, equipping them with solutions that not only keep them happy but make their life easier.

Understanding energy use and having a system for managing it are key components to building a smart home. HomeLink offers products and services that are sustainable, easy to control and help your homeowners feel safe and secure.

Upgrade your builds with HomeLink Smart Home Solutions

In today’s rapidly evolving construction market, homebuyers demand more than just a roof over their heads. They seek convenience, security and cutting-edge technology woven into their living spaces. That’s where HomeLink’s smart, energy-efficient solutions come in.

Here are five reasons why HomeLink is the perfect smart home partner for your custom home builds.

1. Name recognition and trust

HomeLink has been a trusted name in home automation for decades. Our reputation for reliable and innovative smart home controls provides a strong foundation for your partnership. Your clients will recognize the brand, fostering confidence and a sense of value in your builds.

2. Seamless integrations

Our solutions work seamlessly with a wide range array of popular smart home products. This means easy integrations and compatibility with devices homeowners might already have or want to add in the future. No frustration, just smooth functionality.

3. Vehicle connection (Coming soon!)

In the near future, you’ll be able to offer HomeLink’s unique integration with vehicles. Imagine your homeowners being able to control garage doors, house lights and more – all from the comfort of their car. This level of convenience sets your builds apart.

4. Security consciousness

Security is high priority for homeowners. HomeLink’s solutions help to address this concern with robust encryption and monitoring features, which provides peace of mind for your clients.

5. More than just the basics

HomeLink offers more than just the standard smart home features. Options for enhanced security systems, solar integration and water control can elevate your builds into truly futuristic, eco-conscious homes.

How does working with HomeLink benefit CBUSA members?

  • Increased home value: Smart homes command higher prices in the market. This partnership adds immediate value to your home builds.
  • Market differentiation: Set yourself apart from the competition by offering the latest in smart home technology.
  • Customer satisfaction: Happy homeowners lead to positive reviews, future referrals and brand loyalty. HomeLink’s intuitive solutions deliver buyer satisfaction.
  • Streamlined construction: HomeLink’s builder-friendly programs and integrations make the process of incorporating smart home technology straightforward and efficient.

The future of smart homes: Built by CBUSA builders, powered by HomeLink

The future of homebuilding is smart – and you can position yourself at the forefront of this revolution with HomeLink Smart Home Solutions. This partnership isn’t just about technology – it’s about delivering homes that cater to the evolving needs and desires of modern homeowners.

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