The future of building: How to innovate with HomeLink smart home systems

The future of building: How to innovate with HomeLink smart home systems

The landscape of smart homes has evolved and looks completely different than it did 10 years ago. Demand and expectations from homeowners are higher than they’ve ever been. This means building with innovation is more important than ever.

Incorporating energy-conscious smart home devices and services into your home builds adds desire for home buyers and sets you apart in a competitive construction industry. Here’s why HomeLink should be your partner in building safe, energy-efficient homes.

Get to know HomeLink

HomeLink provides smarter home innovations for a brighter tomorrow. Our goal, simply put, is to make the homes you build more attractive to buyers – both now and in the future. In a crowded space, we’re the expert who guides your homeowners through thousands of smart home products, equipping them with solutions that not only keep them happy but make their life easier.

From the beginning, our goal has been to help support you, our customers, with your home innovation needs. Understanding energy use and having a system for managing it are key components to building a smart home. HomeLink offers products and services that are sustainable, easy to control and help your home buyers feel safe and secure.

Why add HomeLink’s technology to your home builds?

People are always looking for the next best thing in technology. The latest smart phone. Faster computers. Cars that drive themselves.

New homes are no exception. Energy efficiency, home automation and top-of-the-line alarm systems are quickly becoming the new normal.

Industry research shows that smart homes sell up to 38% faster than traditional homes, and the sales price is generally more than 5% higher. Partnering with HomeLink will give you a competitive edge. Our smart home devices are connected through a comprehensive, easy-to-use app that is scalable to each home buyer’s needs.

Our smart home solutions, powered by, are built on a reliable platform that’s been around for over 20 years. When choosing HomeLink, you’re not only providing the best in smart, energy-efficient homes, but you’re keeping the data privacy and security of your homeowners top of mind.

How is HomeLink different than other in-home technology providers?

HomeLink provides your home buyers with a scalable and reliable platform that integrates with hundreds of the most popular brands in energy-efficient homes including solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations and home automation and security systems. Our background and expertise provide our clients with a unique and unparalleled perspective. As a trusted partner in sustainable homes, we don’t just provide smart home systems, we’re ready for today while planning for tomorrow.

We scale with you and help guide you through the changing needs and expectations of every homeowner. We outfit your model for free and can provide you with home automation and monitored security services for each home.

Plus, with all our smart home solutions, we’re there to support you and your clients from initial consultation and throughout the life of each system.

What are the most popular products and services HomeLink offers?

The great thing about HomeLink is that home builders and their homeowners can customize product packages that work best for their homes. A few of our most popular products include smart video doorbells, smart locks, smart lighting, connected smoke detectors and energy management devices such as smart thermostats.

With the growing number of electric vehicles, we’ve seen a significant increase in demand for homes equipped with EV charging stations, too. It’s also becoming increasingly common for home buyers to consider solar panel options for lower energy bills.

Ready to add HomeLink’s smart home products and services to your home builds?

Enroll in the HomeLink program through CBUSA’s Contracts Central.

Log in to the CBUSA Member Portal and go to Contracts Central. From there, you can complete your HomeLink enrollment survey.

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