How to take advantage of home builder rebates

home builder rebates

The uncertainty of the current economic environment has everyone paying closer attention to their finances. And as a home builder navigating economic and material pricing trends, finding more ways to save is crucial for your business’ success.

One of the easiest ways to put more dollars in your pocket is through rebates. Construction materials, appliances, hardware, security systems – if you need it, there’s probably a rebate for it. So, why not save money on the things you’re already buying?

Here’s what you need to know about home builder rebates and how to start taking advantage of these savings for your business.

What is a rebate?

A rebate is a method used by manufacturers to advertise their products while also offering an incentive to buyers. Unlike your typical discount, rebates are a percentage of the purchase price that’s given back to you after the sale is complete.

Rebates offer home builders the opportunity to be strategic about the manufacturers and suppliers they work with. It’s an easy win to work with companies that offer the same materials as the other guys, but with the chance to save hundreds if not thousands.

What types of rebates are available to home builders?

There are many different types of rebates available to home builders in more than 50 product categories. Rebate programs include general construction materials, high-end appliances, home finishes, energy-efficient home systems – we could go on.

Home builders can leverage brand partnerships through CBUSA to secure rebates in some or all of these categories. CBUSA members have the opportunity to work with some of the top names in the industry. We recently added these four top-tier names:

  • Cambria USA: Offering the highest standard in quartz products.
  • Andersen Windows: One of America’s top brands for windows and doors.
  • Delos: Air purification systems that give homeowners peace of mind.
  • JennAir: Professional-grade appliances perfect for any chef-inspired kitchen.

What are the cost savings benefits of joining CBUSA?

Home builders who enroll in CBUSA have price protection in place to shield them when material prices increase. During the uncertainty of the economy, group purchasing with CBUSA has become one of the best ways to cut costs. While most businesses in the construction industry are paying a premium, CBUSA members are protected.

Material savings due to price protection on national contracts ranged from 5% to 25% per contract. And according to research from the second quarter of 2021, CBUSA members saw a combined savings of $2.08 million, which goes directly back to the builders.

How are rebates earned with CBUSA?

Rebates can be earned in two ways:

1. Group purchasing with local chapters is the first option for earning rebates. Members can buy products together with other builders in their market to lock in pricing, negotiate service terms and work with preferred local vendors to earn additional rebates.

2. The second option is to leverage CBUSA brand partnerships to earn rebates. Builders can enroll in exclusive deals to get pricing advantages and savings on some of the top names in the industry.

How do I get started?

As a member of CBUSA, you’ll save on material costs, have access to our network of preferred local vendors and receive support from other professional builders in your local chapter. You’ll also enjoy other perks like:

  • Optimized material planning and purchasing
  • The best deals on the best brands
  • Valuable time saved on negotiating

Become a member today and start experiencing the benefits.

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