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Imagine: you’re picking your way through Cleveland’s rocky, muggy woods; stepping over logs, gingerly leaping over small streams. All of a sudden a longhaired Daschund tears by, closely followed by a young boy in a distinct hybrid of a wheelchair and a tank, making wide tracks through the mud. That would be Owen and his dog Larry.

The call that Tony and Jen received in late February of 2008 is a parent’s worst nightmare. Having discovered that their son, Owen is missing exon 49 and 50 on his xp21, the doctors’ diagnosis was glaringly obvious: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Owen is no ordinary kid. No child weathering a devastating diagnosis is. But amid the tribulation, there are endless accounts of Owen’s compassion and lightheartedness. People step forward with stories about his enduring passion for exploration, his steadily burning flame for breathing fresh air in the woods; for spending time with his two younger brothers; for building with Legos, and following his creative curiosity.

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