Brand partner spotlight: Generac and why a backup generator should be considered for each home build

Why a backup generator should be considered for each home build

Generac, established in 1959, revolutionized the industry by creating cost-effective home standby generators. The company was a pioneer in developing an engine specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of generator use.

Generac manufactures a diverse selection of power solutions, including portable, residential, commercial and industrial generators. The Generac Mobile series offers a powerful lineup of products that are built for a variety of industries and that withstand the most demanding environments.

Generac created the home backup generator category. The company’s generators are preferred by 8 out of every 10 homeowners who invest in backup power. A permanently installed backup generator protects a home and delivers power directly to the home’s electrical system.

Generac’s PWRcell battery storage system is a cleaner and smarter way to provide energy to a home. It uses power from the sun to help reduce electric bills and provide backup power during outages.

CBUSA is proud to partner with Generac for its commitment to providing quality and affordable power solutions, and for its dedication to protecting the things that power your clients’ lives. The company has inventory in your local markets and can create a local stocking program with each builder and their CBUSA approved dealer. When you align with Generac, you’re joining a network backed by extensive marketing support and a recognized name with a solid reputation.

Here are the reasons you should recommend an installed home standby generator to your clients.

Power backup during outages

One of the primary advantages of a home standby generator is that it provides backup power during electrical outages. Whether it’s used during a temporary power disruption or a prolonged blackout, a generator can keep essential appliances and systems running. It can start automatically and provide a seamless transition from the main power supply to the generator.

Convenience and comfort

With a generator, you can maintain a comfortable living environment even when the main power supply is unavailable. You can power air conditioning or heating, charge your devices and use kitchen appliances and other modern conveniences that rely on electricity. With a backup generator, your daily routines aren’t interrupted.

Preserve perishable goods

During power outages, refrigerated and frozen food can quickly spoil without proper cooling. A generator ensures that the refrigerator and freezer stay operational, preventing food waste and financial losses. Your clients can have peace of mind knowing that their food is being properly stored during an outage.

Safety and home security

A generator can be a lifesaver. It provides power for essential medical devices, emergency lighting and communication devices. During a power outage, a home is vulnerable to security risks, but a generator can power security systems, lighting and alarms to maintain a safe environment.

Property protection

Generators are equipped with features to safeguard a home’s electrical system. They can regulate voltage fluctuations, prevent power surges and ensure a stable power supply, which helps protect sensitive electronics and appliances from damage.

Ready to partner with Generac for its leading home standby generators and power solutions?

The Generac program is available to all CBUSA members and ensures builders have all the products they need in stock for their next project. Log in to the CBUSA Member Portal and navigate to Contracts Central to learn more about this partnership.

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