Custom Builder of the Year: Luis Jauregui

Of all of the exciting and successful happenings at the NAHB International Builders’ Show this year, one that stands out is Luis Jauregui’s recognition as the Custom Builder of the Year. Awarded by the National Association of Homebuilders, and sponsored by Sherwin-Williams, the award has recognized some of the industry’s most prolific and influential builders over the years.

It’s hard to imagine someone more worthy of this illustrious award (though we felt the same way when Chad Magleby of Magleby Construction won the award at the show last year). Luis is a self-made man, and his successful homebuilding business is reflective of his focused drive, his boundary-pushing business creativity, and his dedication to his community. We caught up with Luis for a quick interview to get to know a little about this valuable CBUSA member’s biography and to look back on the good times shared at the Power 30 Conference.

Luis graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in environmental design, then later achieved a masters in architecture. He spent just several short years working for a firm before he took a chance on some property outside of Austin, designed, and facilitated the build of his first home. Thus, his successful business was born. In the last three decades, he’s built over 300 luxury custom homes and 45 speculative homes. To support this massive effort, he’s opened business locations in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Central Texas and is now one of the most respected names in the industry.

What’s impressive about the Jauregui Architect model, though, is the fully integrated design to build process. Almost every last aspect from estimating, architecture, landscaping, building, and interior design is achieved by his 30-member in-house team. To be sure, his business prowess and success, and more importantly, his generosity towards his community hasn’t gone unnoticed. He’s led the Austin homebuilding community by serving as the President of the Homebuilders Association of Austin, a columnist for the residential design and build magazine, on the NAHB Builder 20 Club, and more over the years. He has many awards to his name, and the Custom Builder of the Year Award is a worthy addition.

We’re humbled that Jauregui Architects is a CBUSA member—Luis was a founding member in Austin ten years ago and has been a valuable asset since day one. “For me, savings is the icing on the cake,” says Luis. “What’s most important is the great camaraderie shown among the CBUSA members—the knowledge shared, the friends made are valuable to me. This group truly elevates the profession as a whole, helping to clean up process and bring people together.”

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