CBUSA’s Committed Purchase Program Saves Members Time and Money!

While Benjamin Franklin might not have had home builders specifically in mind when he coined the phrase “time is money,” there’s no doubt it applies to homebuilders. But let’s face it — money is also money, and any program that can manage to save our customers  both at the same time is a valuable one indeed!

That’s where CBUSA comes in. While our network is committed to the success of its members through reducing costs, increasing service levels and creating a community of shared knowledge, one program in particular was designed specifically to help member builders save valuable time and money — our Committed Purchase program.

Through the Committed Purchase program, CBUSA members in each market are empowered to enter projections for their building supply needs for a predetermined time period — from drywall to lumber to roofing material and more. Approved local suppliers then access the consolidated list of needed materials and return a unit price bid on the entire material list.   Following an analysis of the bids, CBUSA and its member’s award the bid to the supplier providing the best overall value proposition.

“CBUSA’s Committed Purchase Program is a great way to increase margins,” says member builder Ryan Johnson of Revolution Homes in Raleigh, NC. “On drywall alone, we save 7-15% on a regular basis, receive free delivery, and earn real rebates. But besides the obvious financial rewards, our company saves 10-20 hours each week, because we no longer have to spend that time negotiating pricing for each start. It’s an incredible service!”

Member builder Bryan Berning of Cristo Homes in Cincinnati, OH, couldn’t agree more.

“Our nine builder group is relatively new to CBUSA, but we’ve already received drywall savings from 9-11% compared to what we were paying our suppliers before,”  Bryan says. “We never would have seen this type of savings on our own, but since our collective purchases are so great, suppliers want this big commitment. We’ll be looking for committed purchase bids from lumber suppliers very soon!

Interested in benefiting from programs like Committed Purchase? Contact us today to learn how you can become a CBUSA member!

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