CBUSA’s May COVID-19 Update

Our staff has been off the road for over 8 weeks now trying to do our part to manage the COVID-19 outbreak.  Some days are long, but the weeks seem to be flying by. 

We’ve hosted 60 virtual Builder Member meetings across the nation, 5 webinars with some of our largest National Manufacturing Partners, and endless Zoom calls between our CBUSA staff and individual Builder Members in an ongoing effort to keep your business running smoothly.

While every state has been handling the Stay At Home mandate differently and a few states have begun relaxing social distancing requirements recently, we’ve been thankful that the building industry has for the most part been allowed to keep building.  

Our industry’s greater purpose has never been so largely felt as now, when the nation has been spending more time than ever in their homes. 

No matter if you’re a Custom Builder doing five new home starts a year or an Independent Builder doing something more like 75 starts, YOU are the businesses providing shelter and safety to America. 

You’ve spent your career creating a business that makes well built, beautiful homes.  Today those homes allow families to enjoy this oddly stolen time together, even while juggling the messy chaos that is trying to balance working from home, online schooling for many with kids and the lack of our “normal” daily structure and traditional benefits of communal gatherings.  

It’s a weird time for sure, but CBUSA is honored everyday as we sit down to our home computers and get on our cell phones to help YOU keep growing smarter and stronger homebuilding businesses in your towns for your communities. 

And for each of our local Vendors and Suppliers, Thank You. Thank you for figuring out how to keep the products flowing to our Builder Members’ worksites while taking extra safety precautions and reworking interrupted distribution chains.  Our homebuilding network and individual partnerships have never been more needed as together we brainstorm new challenges and devise new solutions to keep business moving forward – together.  

It’s our mission to continue providing CBUSA Builder Members with a purchasing advantage, while offering increased exposure and access for our Vendor Partners and National Manufacturers.

“We are humbled by the level of engagement of our membership during these challenging and stressful times.  The way our builder network has adapted to conducting business virtually and staying connected through CBUSA is really impressive.  You really feel a great sense of community, one that plans to emerge from this stronger than ever,” noted Brian Pavlick, CBUSA Chief Operating Officer.

We may not be able to meet in person right now, but we are available to help you continue negotiating committed purchases on your behalf, report for rebates and continue to work smarter, not harder.  With the immediate future in limbo, there’s never been a better time to maximize your savings and grow your bottom line.  

But that also means you need to work together with your local Builder Member Chapters, so we can take the product negotiations off your plate and let you focus on the daily business of building the homes our nation needs and wants. 

At CBUSA we believe that this time in our world’s history will actually highlight the importance of creating beautiful, safe homes.  We can’t foresee all the fallout, but we know that people will keep making money and we think investing in one’s home will rise on their priority list… just in case we find ourselves here again. 

Being able to help you pivot your homebuilding businesses to support this ongoing need no matter what is happening in the world around us is our commitment to you. 

Never hesitate to contact your Division or Regional Managers or your Operational Coordinator. We are here and ready to help you figure out the next step of your business’ journey. 

If you aren’t currently a CBUSA Builder Member and want to learn more about joining an existing chapter or starting one in the town/s where you build homes, the time is now.

Contact Ryan Lipcheck today to learn what it means to join our network of smart homebuilding business owners and leverage the online products and services CBUSA provides its members. 

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