4 benefits of joining construction networking groups

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The savings you earn joining a group purchasing organization are only the beginning. Learn why networking with other pros is also a major benefit to your business.    

Networking … it’s not a new concept to anyone in the world of work. We know it’s good for you, good for business and good for the bottom line. But did you also know it pays to network with your competitors?

When it comes to making connections in construction, the best builders are thinking beyond just fostering good relationships with potential subs or clients. Instead, they’re having open discussions and sharing insights with the same builders they are building in communities with and could consider competitors.

But you’re supposed to crush the competition … not help them, right? The truth is your competitors can make you better. Because let’s face it: Even the best in the building business don’t have everything. You might as well share resources with those builders in your market who build at the same quality level as you or at the same caliber as you.

That’s what joining CBUSA, the leading group purchasing organization, gives you access to. Think of this as the tippy-top of all construction networking groups. Through local chapters composed of the top builders in your area, you’ll work alongside business owners like yourself. These are the type of builders who take pride in their independent residential construction companies but also appreciate the power of sharing ideas and group problem-solving.

Need more reason to join CBUSA? Here are 4 of the top benefits of construction networking groups:

1. Acquiring fresh ideas

Rarely does the next big business idea spring up in an incubator. It takes discussion and debate with other like-minded, ambitious builders. Whether you’re discussing industry challenges on a topic or receiving feedback, open conversations expand your knowledge and allow you to see things from a different perspective.

Of course, this happens in most construction networking groups – but CBUSA’s group purchasing organization takes it a step further. Across 30 US chapters, members meet monthly to collaborate about local trends and work together to develop cost-saving programs specific to their market.  

There really is no better way to keep those creative juices flowing and collectively gain a competitive edge.

2. Raising your profile

Here’s something that’s unique to CBUSA when it comes to construction networking groups: They don’t just let any builder join. It’s only the best of the best. These are the type of builders who are already seeing success and want to leverage every opportunity possible to continue pushing the industry’s boundaries.

What builder wouldn’t want to be associated with a group like this? Membership with CBUSA’s group purchasing organization elevates your status. Ultimately, this sets you apart as a leader in your home building market.

3. Making connections that lead to opportunities

Industry trends show that residential construction is seeing a major boom. Demand is sky high, and even the most productive teams are struggling to keep up. There’s enough business to go around – and you might have found yourself recently having to do the unthinkable: Saying no to a job.

Chances are your competition is going through the same struggle. Networking with other builders around you helps you know who really excels at what kinds of builds, so you can point those homeowners in the right direction. This is a real “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” situation.

Other builders will do the same for you, and then you’re always landing the types of projects you crave.

4. Saving on material purchases through group buys

One of the biggest benefits to networking with CBUSA is the fact you’re no longer making material purchase as a party of one. Sourcing and pricing is a bear of a task and focuses your attention away from what matters most.  Plus, it’s difficult to commit material orders large enough to leverage better deals for yourself.

That’s where CBUSA steps in.

We understand strength in numbers. That’s why we connect you with other professionals locally and across the nation to expand your virtual footprint. With increased purchase volume, you’re granted negotiating power truly comparable to national and regional builders.

And you know what those big guys get that the little companies don’t? Big deals.

Don’t go it alone. Join one of the most powerful construction networking groups.

Are you ready to join our powerful network of more than 550 elite residential construction owners and take your company to the next level? It’s time.

Apply to CBUSA today.

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