New brand partner: Beacon Building Products and tips to provide clear client communication

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Beacon started its journey in 1928 as a small regional supplier in Charleston, Massachusetts. Now, it’s a Fortune 500 company with more than 480 locations. Beacon is a leading provider of commercial and residential roofing, siding, windows, decking, insulation and more to the North American building industry. It has operations in all 50 states and six Canadian provinces.

And now, CBUSA members have the opportunity to work with Beacon Building Products as their new elite brand partner. Over nearly 100 years, Beacon has built a base of contractors that rely on the company to help them save time and build more. Home builders have immediate, local access to building materials and roofing products when they need them.

Beacon prides itself on differentiating from other distributions through two distinct advantages: world-class service and innovative solutions. They’re known for their on-time and complete networks where entire markets share inventory, logistics, fleet and an enhanced customer service model. Additionally, with the Beacon PRO+ app, contractors have access to their entire account for ordering, history and delivery tracking at their fingertips, 24/7.

All these unique entities help builders manage their work more efficiently for their clients, and ultimately, build their businesses. Through investments in new technology, it has an ever-expanding network of locations. Beacon is helping customers to be “Always Building” with efficient access to roofing materials, building supplies and more.

6 tips to provide clear client communication and build customer loyalty

Home building is more than just providing a high-quality product – it’s also about building a trusting relationship with your clients. One of the best ways to build trust is to focus on how to communicate with your clients. Connections can be built with just one conversation but will be maintained throughout your project. Keep these tips in mind during your next job so you can build trust and loyalty with your customers.

1. Treat your customer as a “client”

A client, by definition, is someone who uses the professional advice or services from another. Thinking of and referring to your customers as clients conveys more of a relationship and not just a one-time transaction. Your clients are looking for your professional advice, and they trust you with the information you’re giving them.

2. Educate your clients

Don’t assume your clients know how your process works and what goes into a project. Help them understand what you can and can’t do and how your business operates. Explaining things like the budget numbers, scope of work, your plan for executing the work and each milestone of the project can be beneficial. The more specific, the better. Surprises, in this case, are not appreciated. Make sure you always communicate in advance with your clients.

In addition, try to use plain language rather than industry jargon and acronyms, so clients can easily understand. Using familiar terminology means clients will be aware of what you’re doing. Clear and straightforward communication helps avoid confusion and potential rework.

3. Establish one point of contact

Giving your clients a primary person at your company to reach out to will give them a sense of control and security knowing they can ask questions any time. This also takes care of mixed messaging among different people at your company. Consistency is powerful and builds trust. If the communication is consistent with one person, they know who to approach with any concerns and questions. In turn, the clients feel supported and confident.

You may consider asking the same of them as well. Having one primary contact on both sides will help streamline the process.

4. Master communication skills and cater to each client

Train your representatives to listen actively. Keep these three keys in mind: listen without judgment, listen to gather information and listen without interrupting. Hearing what your clients have to say will make you better equipped to help them and know how they’re feeling about the process.

You can also cater your communication methods to different clients. Simply ask how they like to communicate – is it through email, phone calls, text or a combination? You can streamline communication by using construction management software as well. By knowing these preferences, you’re more likely to reach your clients when needed.

Additionally, some clients prefer to see a visual picture when reviewing project details. It may help them understand more than they would through just your words. You can take advantage of 3D technology to provide your clients with a stronger representation of the project.

5. Keep paperwork accurate and accessible

Providing accurate and clean documents to your clients will establish your business as highly professional and build that trust even more. You can make your documents accessible by making them available electronically through software. When you establish easily accessible paperwork, your clients can sign, view and open documents from anywhere. Improve communication by keeping clients updated throughout the process with accurate paperwork and updates.

6. Continue good communication throughout

Keeping up a high level of communication throughout the entire project will make the process pleasant for the client. Asking for feedback is also important for the entirety of the project. You want to make sure your client feels cared for and informed. After the project is completed, you can go the extra mile and have a consultation to get more detailed feedback on the process and improve for the future.

Follow these simple tips, and you’re sure to exceed your clients’ expectations and gain customer loyalty. And to top it all off, they’re more likely to refer you to other potential clients.

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