CBUSA has been successful for over 15 years by bringing 425+ Independent Builders and 1,200+ Suppliers together to increase profits, grow businesses, and establish a network of some of the best industry experts from around the country. Please consider becoming a member! Your inclusion into our group will be one of the best business decisions you will ever make. 

Q: Do I have to participate in all the programs if I become a member?

A: No, CBUSA is a la carte. We will continue to bring you the best programs out there to save you money, but it’s your decision as to which cost savings opportunities you’d like to use.

Q: Will it take a lot of time?

A: NO! CBUSA is designed to save you time. We host monthly membership meetings, but these are planned well in advanced and designed to help develop costs savings programs specific to your market.

Q: What if I don’t use the brand that you have contract with?

A: That’s okay!! Let CBUSA run a comparison for you & work with you to make the brand switch if it makes sense.

Q: Does it benefit me to work together with other local builders who in some cases may be my competitors?

A: CBUSA aggregates the best builders in a market in order to drive down pricing, increase service levels, protect our building companies from increases, and much more. CBUSA is a network of custom and independent builders who work together without sharing financials with one another in order to strengthen their bottom lines tremendously. You’re competing anyway, you may as well compete with the best and increase your value to your homeowners. The high tide raises all ships in the harbor!

Q: Is there a fee?

A: Yes, we have a one-time registration fee and a monthly membership fee. These fees enable our staff to manage partnerships and to pursue new savings opportunities for you.


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