CBUSA Networking Power

Being the owner of a company can feel like an island sometimes.

Access other builders like yourself who take pride in their independent residential construction companies, but also appreciate the power of sharing ideas and group problem solving.

Ryan Johnson – President of Revolution Homes in Raleigh, North Carolina:

There’s so many aspects of a building company.

Sometimes I feel like building a house is only 10% of it. It’s the other 90% that you really need to focus on and being able to bounce ideas off of other builders is very helpful.

In our group, we’re very collaborative and trusting of each other because I think we’ve all been through ups and downs and we understand that we’re at least in a good market, that there’s enough to go around, that we’re not really fighting tooth and nail against each other.

We’re more working together.

David Owen – President of Boone Homes in Richmond, Virginia:

Anybody that’s looking at getting into our group, we’d love to have them, but we’re going to vet them out.

And that’s the other nice thing, once you get the group in there, there’s a shared comradery and people take ownership and you’re not going to let just anybody into the group.

They’ve got to be a quality builder in town and pay their bills so you end up with the best of the group in your market.

Jay Evans – Owner of Two Structures Homes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

I am a firm believer that a rising tide will raise all boats.

For me to benefit, it doesn’t mean that somebody else has to sacrifice or that I have to sacrifice so that somebody else can benefit.

Bryan Phillips – President of Cason Graye Homes in Houston, Texas:

If somebody is trying to go it alone, if it’s a hobby, then yeah, go for it, knock yourself out. But now, if you’re trying to be successful and grow your business in any way, CBUSA had huge impacts on my business.

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