Through the use of CBUSA’s online tools, you have access to a database of pre-qualified suppliers who are held to CBUSA standards and competitive member pricing. This member benefit alone, maximizes efficiency for independent contractors trying to procure materials, schedule labor, negotiate pricing and qualify vendors—all on top of the primary business responsibilities. Now, instead of hiring more employees or trying to do it all yourself, you can simply log in, set up a bid request and send to multiple, qualified vendors in a matter of minutes.

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Independent builders spend a lot of time chasing down price-lists for standard commodities they order every day. Through the CBUSA online member portal, builder-members have access to pricing on these materials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Bid Comparison Matrix. Organized all in one grid, builder-members can compare supplier plans, pricing, start dates, lead times and payment terms from several pre-screened vendors—eliminating the need for multiple emails or trading files back and forth. And because CBUSA has numerous qualified vendors to choose from, builder-members have the confidence to try valuable alternatives at prices driven by quality competition.

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  • CBUSA's lumber purchase program has been a great success here in Cleveland. It is the equivalent of selling another home to the bottom line for our company and it was accomplished in a few hours of work. Dean Tompkins, Payne and Payne Builders, Inc. – Cleveland, OH



CBUSA members not only save time by submitting online bid requests to multiple, qualified vendors, but they can also quickly analyze the bids they receive in the CBUSA Bid Comparison Matrix. Each vendor’s cost, start date, completion date, payment terms and rebates all align in a grid, making it easy for builders to efficiently compare and assess the bid details. Direct communication between the vendors and the builders streamline the process and vendors who may not have otherwise been invited to bid increase competition, directly resulting in significant savings.

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