Oklahoma City Off to a Fast Start

In April of 2014, CBUSA opened its 18th operation in Oklahoma City. In just over a year, this group of 12 local homebuilders have become extremely effective at demonstrating the CBUSA model, working together to generate significant savings for their companies. Notable accomplishments the last 12 months include:

  • 35 Preferred Vendors Added
  • 8 Committed Purchases in Lumber and Drywall
  • 80% Builder Participation Rate in Committed Purchases
  • 89% of Members Participating in National Contracts
  • 7.5% Average Savings Per Committed Purchase (HUGE ON COMMODITIES)
  • Additional Incentives and Rebates Offered by Biggest Supply Partners
  • Preferred Vendor Market Share has Increased Significantly as a Result of the Program

After realizing that there were different pricing tiers in his market, Shawn Forth reached out to CBUSA in the Fall of 2013 to bring the CBUSA model to his market. Over the past year the Oklahoma City group has developed from a small group of five guys who barely knew each other into a strong group committed to changing their market and improving each other’s business.

Shawn Forth told CBUSA, “I had been working with the same vendors and suppliers for over 20 years and discovered my loyalty to them was not being reciprocated through cheaper material costs. I was referred to CBUSA by a business consultant. From the website to the team members of CBUSA, everything was consistent and professional. Now, we have trade partners looking for ways to improve our pricing and increase their value to the group, and we have a group of guys committed to helping each other increase their bottom lines. I personally have seen 10-15% growth in my gross profit over the past year.”

The Oklahoma City group experienced the same mixed reactions from suppliers that almost every other group experienced. However, Shawn said that it was refreshing to see a whole group of suppliers out there willing and excited to earn their business. They found one supplier to be extremely difficult. As a group they decided to leave that supplier behind and have experienced better pricing and service as a result.

CBUSA has been one of the best business decisions I have made.
-Shawn Forth, Oklahoma City

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