National Paint Alliance: Unique painting solutions for builders and homeowners

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The National Paint Alliance started a little over 10 years ago and has grown into a group of eight regional paint manufacturers that service clients across the U.S. and Canada. NPA is a new and innovative program specifically designed to excel in the areas of product durability, customer service and local market knowledge.

Our members have over 90 years in business with 700 years of combined experience. Today, we have 21 manufacturing facilities, over 500 stores and 6,000 employees. Here’s why NPA is unique in the paint market and why builders are choosing to work with us.

Why should you work with NPA for your home builds?

NPA can help facilitate a better experience for new homeowners during the color selection process. By working with us, you’ll differentiate yourself from other builders, improve quality and reduce callbacks. We’re proud to support product innovation and regional paints that are proven to outperform competitors and deliver a better finished product.

Actual paint spend is usually less than 20% of the cost for a new home painter. Using high-quality painting products adds years to your paint cycle and saves time and money. Working with one of our 500+ experienced salespeople can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure you get the proper paint for your project.

How are NPA’s painting products different than other paint companies?

Over the last five to ten years, we’ve seen a major shift in the way coatings are manufactured with an emphasis on being environmentally conscious. All NPA members offer green options that have low to no VOC or organic chemicals.

Each NPA member designs their paint products to produce the best performance for specific environments. Regionalized formulations allow us to focus on the areas that are most likely to affect you. We’re able to increase the performance of our products by focusing on raw materials that will offer the best solution for builders’ specific needs.

What are some of the current painting trends we’re seeing in 2022?

Going back 10 years, the “builder beige” went into many homes. Today, we see a lot more custom offerings with grays still holding popular. We’re also seeing a trend of white exteriors with black accents like doors and shutters to create a clean look. The market is also showing bolder selections for color of the year and front doors.

How is NPA unique compared to other national paint suppliers?

Our companies are highly regarded and have become the market leaders in each of the regions they’re located in. Each NPA member has built their business on offering high-quality, price-competitive products while maintaining the ability to react to their customers’ needs. As a collective group, we understand the unique marketplace dynamics and the need for performance-proven formulas. The NPA’s regionally diverse group of members and manufacturers is successful because of our deep understanding of each of our regional geographies.

We’re involved in several buying groups similar to CBUSA, which allows us to stay competitive with costing and better source materials. Plus, we’re able to stay ahead of the market in terms of color trends.

Most of the builders in CBUSA are regional or custom builders. Using a regional manufacturer like NPA can provide an upgraded quality and help differentiate their homes from national builders using national paint suppliers. We work outside the one-size-fits-all approach and can create a custom specification for CBUSA builders by specifying a paint system to the types of homes and performance they’re looking for.

Ready to work with National Paint Alliance on your home builds?

Enroll in the National Paint Alliance program through CBUSA’s Contracts Central.

Log in to the CBUSA Member Portal and go to Contracts Central. From there, you can complete your National Paint Alliance enrollment survey.

Author: Matthew McCormick, senior VP of sales and operations at McCormick Paints and lead contact for the NPA and CBUSA partnership

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