Like it or Not, You Need Social Media to Succeed

To say that social media — especially certain sites (*cough* Facebook *cough*) is experiencing a bit of controversy at the moment would be a massive understatement. But whether you love it or hate it, social media is here to stay, successful homebuilders are leveraging to their advantage, and those who have chosen to forsake it are getting left in the dust.

Skeptical? Here are some statistics from an April 2018 AdWeek article that should make you sit up and take notice:

  • * Millennials, perhaps the most social media-savvy group of current homebuyers, now make up 66% of the first-time market
  • * 86% of home shoppers say they would watch videos on sites like YouTube to help them learn about a community they were considering
  • * 52% of marketing professionals say that video content, which is easily shared on social media, has the greatest ROI
  • * The fastest-growing social media platform, Instagram, currently has 800,000 monthly users
  • * Snapchat, a platform that allows you to send “sneak peek” videos that disappear after they’re viewed, has 178 million daily viewers

Still not sold? Here are a couple fun anecdotes from Builder Online:

  • * After doing a pizza giveaway on Facebook, the Charlotte, North Carolina division of M/I Homes saw traffic to their website jump from 5,800 views each day to more than 50,000, and their Google search ranking move them from page 5 to page 2.
  • Southern Homes of Lakeland, Florida, credits a revamped social media campaign for a 64% single-year sales increase.

So with the social media effectiveness discussion settled, how can you use it to help your brand, and which social media platforms should you be using? Here are some tips from the experts.

  • * While most social media platforms feature written content, it’s really a visual medium that’s perfect for sharing photos and video. Sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz — a social media website focused wholly on builders, industry suppliers and homeowners — are perfect places to share photos of your work. Of course, if you’re going to post photos, make sure they’re high quality so your homes really shine!
    * YouTube and Snapchat are the perfect places for video. Check out our blog on creating a great one for tips and tricks!
  • * Facebook and LinkedIn are great for publishing client testimonials and sharing the awards and accolades you’ve won to help build credibility and drive conversions. They’re also great for sharing relevant articles and helpful tips for homebuyers — so is a company blog on your website.

By now you’re raring to go — great! But not so fast; social media accounts aren’t something you can set and forget! To get the most out of them — and make sure they don’t end up hurting more than helping — you have to keep up on them regularly (well, maybe not you specifically, but someone at your company). Was that a groan I heard…? If so, don’t fret — here are some more expert tips for you:

  • * Most social media platforms allow comments, and you can bet that if someone has something negative to say about your company, they’ll use social media to do it. If someone leaves a negative comment, be sure to respond calmly and positively. Express your concern and ask them to reach out to you directly so you can resolve the situation.
    * Add new content at least weekly. A stale social media presence is worse than no social media presence at all.
  • * Post with care! Blurry pictures, poor grammar, misspellings and links that don’t work reflect poorly on your business. “If their social media posts are this sloppy,” potential clients will think, “how careful are they when they build a home?!?”
    * Connect your social media accounts by linking your content across multiple platforms like this and this!
  • * Make sure your posts are authentic and genuinely communicate your brand and values.

While it may seem like just another chore, in 2019, social media is a marketing must-do for any successful homebuilder. Now that you know, go forth and post, post, post!

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