In a Time of High Market Volatility, CBUSA’s Committed Purchase Program Provides Member Builders with Significant Savings

As a charter member of the Triangle Builders Guild — CBUSA’s local builder network in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina — Tingen Construction has been enjoying the valuable perks the organization provides for over a decade.

“We’ve been with CBUSA since the very beginning,” says owner Dan Tingen. “Being a member has given us access to pricing advantages and helped me become well acquainted with other top builders in the area, which has helped us share ideas and develop better business practices. As small custom builders, we’re constantly being challenged by large companies with bigger footprints. But by combining our forces, CBUSA helps us play in a much bigger pool than we could on my own.”

While he appreciates all the perks his CBUSA membership affords him, in this time of high construction supply market volatility, Dan has found CBUSA’s Committed Purchase Program more beneficial than ever.

“We’re a small company who builds fewer than 15 custom homes each year, which puts us on the smaller side of average in the guild.” Dan explains, “On our own, we’d be competing with companies in our market who build 50-60 houses a year, so there’s no way we could leverage the purchasing power CBUSA provides us on our own. But when the guild’s 20-plus members lump all of our needs together through the Committed Buyer Program, we’re as big as anyone in the market. The fact that I can combine my purchases for all the supplies I need at that level — from lumber, to wall board, to HVAC equipment — helps me stay competitive.”

As an example of the value he’s gleaned from the Committed Buyer Program, Dan cites the Triangle Builders Guild’s recent combined lumber purchase from two CBUSA Preferred Vendors — PBS Lumber Manufacturing and SBS Building Supplies.

“I just finished framing a nearly 2,400 square foot house,” Dan says. “Our guild’s most recent committed purchase numbers provided me with a savings of $3,360  – almost 15 percent savings compared to our last buy. We all know what the cost of lumber has done over the last six months, so this represents a welcome relief from prices, which have shot straight up.”

Given how prices have fluctuated significantly in the first half of 2018, builders have good reason to think the volatility will continue for the remainder of the year. But the members of the Triangle Builders can rest easy, knowing their prices are locked in for the next six months.

“Our CBUSA membership allows us to do things in the market we can’t do alone, plain and simple,” Dan says, “and that’s something none of us takes for granted.”

Are you interested in benefiting from the combined purchasing power of our Committed Buyer Program — and all the other valuable perks of CBUSA membership? If so, don't wait — contact us today!

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